Blending Comfort and Extravagance, Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer Collection

Louis Vuitton presented a stunning collection on the runway this season. The brand’s Spring/Summer 22’ collection blends together seemingly opposite ideas to create a seamless symphony.

Bringing together silky fabrics, smooth leathers, and denim, Louis Vuitton creates an elegant collection that is also comfortable. Loose silhouettes and extravagant details create a unique blend of beauty and relaxation. A hint of vintage inspiration can be seen throughout the collection.

With wide skirts and gold, black, and white color scheme, the collection invokes imagery from fashion and architecture from a lavish period in European art history. Such imagery offers to viewers the perfect escape into a world of fantastic extravagance. Audiences are sure to fall in love with Louis Vuitton’s timeless collection.

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Written by Bethany Robertson