“Always stay true to yourself” Olimpia Elena Carmina Cotfas

Romania Miss Universe and winner of the BEST BRIDAL MODEL at World Fashion Festival Awards, Season 4, Dubai.

Olimpia Elena Carmina Cotfasis was 20 years and was born and raised in Târgu Mures, the place where she found her passion and interest for the work was Cluj, there, she also discovered the world of fashion and has been working as a model for the last six years.

Currently, Carmina is pursuing her third year of Bachelor’s degree in history at the faculty of history and philosophy of the Babes Bolyai University.

Apart from modeling, she is a Romanian radio host, health care advocate, history student, former professional volleyball player, and model. Carmina was never afraid to follow her passions, no matter how different they were.

Her dream is to lead by example and empower others to become whoever they want to be, not what society expects them to be.

She believes in the equality of opportunity; the circumstances of your birth should not determine your life — it should be your choice.


·     I am studying history; my ultimate career goal is to be a university professor.

·     I am a sports enthusiast and I have played volleyball for 5 years!

·     Music is among my interests too; I took singing lessons for 9 years and also took piano courses!


You are the winner of the Best Bridal Model of World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai season 4 2021, How do you feel about it?

I feel honored! Being recognized as a good model is always high praise so when coming from such a prestigious event is even more so! I need to thank the organizers and the jury panel for choosing me from among the other gorgeous girls and for believing in me!

You looked amazing at the World Fashion Festival Awards! You walk for many designers. Can you tell us a highlight of the event and your participation?

I believe each and every moment of the event was priceless! I enjoyed every second and felt truly happy to be there. If I had to highlight one moment, I’d choose the moment when the Best Dress Award was given to Mailin for the beautiful bridal gown I was lucky to wear and present for her, so well deserved. It feels incredible to take part in one’s moment of glory and know you belong in it, so precious!

Which one was your favorite designer?

For me, I can say I did not have a particular favorite, as every designer I met left me a very good impression! They are all so talented, so kind and very professional! They put every moment into their creations and having the chance to witness this passion is just … wow. I loved all the looks I had, from casual to elegant, from haute couture to bridal and more!

Why did you choose to make a career from modeling?

Rather than choosing, I’d say it happened to me! It is incredible where life can lead you and in what ways it does. I started by having this hobby, and it gradually turned into a permanent, regular activity.

Where have you modeled so far?

So far, I had the chance to model about everywhere in Romania, for our greatest designers, and I am forever grateful for them having me. Recently, I began my activity in Barcelona, Spain, and I wish to continue there too, maybe in the next year, due to the current travel restrictions. World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai is my first international experience in the Middle East but I know for sure it won’t be the last! I look forward to coming back next year and most probably I will visit Dubai more often!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

It’s hard to say. Out of these almost 6 years, there have been numerous occasions and continuous progress has been made. I began as a young shy girl and got to where I am now all on my own effort and work. If I had to name one great achievement, what comes to my mind is my coronation as Miss Universe Romania, this year.

You must be very excited about Miss Universe. Tell us a little about it. What’s next for you?

Miss Universe is… a dream! I used to look up to the former beauty queens and wish to be like them someday. Now that I am given the chance to be on that stage, representing my country and its people in front of the Universe is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which I am very happy to accept! Coming next is of course the Miss Universe final night, of course!

What is your biggest dream to achieve as a model?

Of course, modeling in “the 4 grand slam” fashion weeks! Be it New York, London, Paris, or Milan, I dream of walking on those runways and it is a must-do on my Wishlist!

How does a normal day look to you?

It always begins with an early wake-up call and a good coffee. I make a quick review over the day to come and get to work. I usually have workdays either as a model or at the Radio station, along with the university courses, but in between these days I usually fit gym sessions, cosmetic treatments, interviews, meetings and training for Miss Universe. It can get pretty busy sometimes, but I gracefully take these challenges on!

Do you have a beauty and exercise regime?

Of course! Nothing comes without work. In the industry I am working, beauty and good figures are must-haves! I want to make sure that everything is done well, so I put the effort into my skincare routine, in my workouts at the gym, I hydrate well and I eat healthily. These are my full-time exercises!

What are your favorite beauty products / what is always carried in your purse?

If you’d take a look in my purse, you’d always find my lip balm in! That is an essential thing for me and an all-time favorite! Otherwise, I always carry sunscreen and some BB cream for a quick freshen up,

What is your go-to everyday outfit?

I usually go for a clean look, casual but elegant. It depends though on the weather outside and on the vibe, I am feeling. In the autumn, when low temperatures kick in, I go for a pair of jeans or trousers, matching a warm fleece, hoodie (if I am feeling sporty that day) or a sweater, and a trench/ jacket. In the cold season you’d usually find me more in the casual style, going for dark or neutral tones, while in the warm season, colors kick back in! Heels, skirts and vivid colors are what I go for.

What was the best advice ever given to you?

“Always stay true to yourself”. It was given to me by my parents and is what I always keep in my mind, as I work in a very influential environment, with all kinds of trends sweeping through. Staying true to yourself and having the courage to show who you really are out in front of everybody is a quality I work to keep up!

Acting or modeling?

I believe that they go together rather than separately! Modeling actually implicates a quite fair amount of acting, and the same goes vice versa!

Do you have any advice for girls who want to get into modeling?

Have faith in yourself and always, ALWAYS, love yourself. Not necessarily to the point of looking down on others, but know your worth. I believe it is most important to believe in your uniqueness and be comfortable with it. I have experienced many situations in the modeling industry and I can tell you something: measurements change, trends change and time passes. What should remain the same is one’s character.

What is your favorite country to travel to for fashion shows?

I am still new to international modeling so for now, I look forward to every new opportunity!

Do you have any favorite fashion designers? Who is and why?

I’d say, Chanel. I admire its uniqueness, elegance and designs that have proven to pass the time test, even more so with their accent put on effortless beauty. I wish for one day to model for them, as I feel their concept represents me and I’m always left in awe by their shows.

Where can we see you next?

Coming next is the stage of Miss Universe, with its Final Night taking place on the 12/13th of December, an event I am expecting very much and I am very proud of it. Up until then, you can follow my journey on my socials and find out what I am planning next! But I promise I will make steps even bigger than right now