Ligne XIII by Lamia Lakhsassi in Tajikistan Fashion week

Lamia Lakhsassi has graduated from law school and worked in the private sector. She then naturally turned to her true passions: interior design, and then fashion, with the creation of her own Haute Couture house in 1999.

From a very young age, she has been fascinated by images, colours and materials, and has been collecting issues of Vogue to make collage paintings, and without knowing it, her first inspiration boards.

Today, Lamia Lakhsassi is distinguished by the creation of a new collection “Ligne XIII”, which is aimed at an ultra-sophisticated clientele with whom she maintains a relationship of trust. Her vision is to respect the codes of the society to perpetuate tradition and craftsmanship, while using the most innovative materials, refined fabrics and infinite shades of embroidery for timeless and daring creations.

Modern cuts, graceful falls, and a sharp eye for detail come together to offer unique pieces with mixed and wandering influences. Her signature is colour. Vibrant, rich and harmonious colours find a new meaning in the designer’s universe, just like the Moroccan heritage.