Truly Alvarenga: I Dream Of The Stories My Collection Will Tell

1.) In your collection for Nashville Fashion Week 2021 – you described being influenced by Lilith. In what ways did your inspiration from a literary character transform into a visual design?  

Lilith’s story is one of a girl newly made and Innocent. She is faced with decisions that feel too much for her, but she makes them anyway to have her freedom as a woman and to choose who she will be with. Even though those decisions end up with her being cursed, she would rather live a cursed life than one that smothers her true self.

My collection follows that narrative by opening with a cute girly oversized peach sweater gown with a  bunny face adorning it. From there the collection transitions to looks that have more drama and boldness to them as the story unfolds.

2.) You have shown your collections at Nashville Fashion Week for the last ten years – is there anywhere you’d love to showcase globally?

I am so incredibly grateful to NFW for giving me a platform to show my talents and to connect with fans and clients in my hometown. But given the opportunity to show anywhere in the world, I would love to be a part of London Fashion week.

3.) Describe your process from start to finish in designing. 

I find something that inspires me and from there I let the fabrics and trims whisper to me what they need to be. I sketch, drape and pattern my pieces. Then I sew them, helping them come to life and giving them the breath they need to seduce people on the runway.

4.) Where is your home base?

My home base is in Nashville TN in a wonderland house that is full of magic and beauty.

5.) Was there a moment you can recall where you knew you were born to be a designer?

The need to create has always been in me. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t feel the need to make beautiful and intriguing things. As a girl, I made my own clothes so that I could always be the most me version of myself.

6.) How would you describe your collection to someone who has never seen them?

Stunning pieces to be worn to special events with a touch of drama and a good bit of whimsy.

7.)  Where do you draw your main inspirations from?

I love a good story. All my collections are just that, a story. Sometimes I dream of the stories my collections will tell. Other times I will hear a piece of music so stunning that paints a whole story in front of my eyes, and I just know that’s it.  I love stories of light and darkness, of pain and finding beauty in it. I want anyone who wears a piece of mine to feel like it’s her second skin because she feels that it tells her story

8.) Where can fans of you follow your work?

my work can be followed on my website.


Facebook: Truly Alvarenga