Khaoula Regragui, the Sultane of the bridal gown

Wishing to unveil the distinctive features of a fashion in full mutation, Khaoula Régragui “KMD” is organising a great Gala in honour of the Moroccan Caftan in the city of Lyon, in order to instigate a new dynamism in the fashion field.

Khaoula Régragui “KMD” is inviting us to discover the charms of the Caftan through a great Gala and oriental fashion show in this European metropolis.

This ceremonial costume, associated with the most ancestral traditions, is experiencing an unprecedented vogue thanks to the audacious imagination of a new generation of Moroccan designers including this young and ambitious fashion designer.

Khaoula Régragui “KMD” is the worthy representative of Moroccan haute couture. She will charm the public with a new collection of which only she holds the secret.

Birth of a Designer whose Originality is matched only by her ambition

Khaoula Régragui “KMD” is a young woman of many talents, perfectly in harmony with her two identities, Moroccan and French. She perfectly combines her two cultures in her work and in her vision of the business. She is keen on preserving her Moroccan heritage and creating an economic momentum between France and Morocco.

Being an accomplished entrepreneur, her ambition is to create a new fashion house devoted to Haute Couture, which she will unveil at the Gala on February 27, 2022, in Lyon.

She moved to France at the age of 11 and settled with her family in Paris. As she was passionate about fashion and beauty, she entered a make-up school where she graduated third of her class. She then started a professional career in the field of make-up and became an ambassador for the famous cosmetics brand “Lancôme”.

A few years later, she got interested in reviving her passion for fashion and creation, as she was a model for several oriental fashion houses. She decided to learn from Moroccan designers and then created her own workshops where she now works with several craftspeople.

khaoula Régragui’s signature: the precious caftan

The “KMD” caftans are now famous for their originality, elegant silhouettes, shimmering colours, lavish fabrics, transparent laces, and sparkling embroidery with pearls and rhinestones.

Her personal signature features corset belts with exquisite laces, sensual necklines and swollen petticoats. Being faithful to ancestral craft techniques, Khaoula Régragui “KMD” sculpts her dresses like authentic works of art. These satin jewels, a mixture of styling and goldsmithing, pay tribute to the world of theatre and cinema as well as to Moroccan culture. But above all, they are an anthem of eternal universal womanhood, beyond cultural and social divides.

Caftans show how much the fashion world has opened up to the world and to multiple cultural influences. That is why her designs combine Oriental and Western features and meet the criteria of quality and precision of the most demanding women.