Maria Caterina Imperiale at the Volkswagen Autorigoldi Fashion Week

Maria Caterina Imperiale is the youngest designer present at the Volkswagen Autorigoldi Fashion Week in Milan

Maria Caterina Imperiale dei Principi di Francavilla, from the Italian Royal Blood, is only 13 years old and already full of talent.

Her collections of clothes are Born from the innovation of fabrics and models. His collection presented at Volkswagen Autorigoldi Fashion Week of Milan Is called  IMPERIAL, a mix that recalls nature with prints and brindle fabrics, that recalls the African forest, and elegance that recalls the baroque style.

Facebook: Maria Caterina Imperiale
Instagram: Imperiale.maria_

Models Hair and Makeup: Elite Group by Frenk Pugliese, Celebrity Beauty by Roberto Petroccia

Photographers: Roberto Prisco, Pippo Failla, Riccardo Novarini, Sabino di Cianno, Massimo Pedrazzoli

Event Director: Rosario Stagno
Romania Director: Iolanda Deca