The Moldovan brand at Volkswagen Autorigoldi Fashion Week

The Moldovan brand Doina Cebotaru presents its original successful fashion collections at Volkswagen Autorigoldi Fashion Week of Milan

Originality in style, creativity, beauty, is the success of the fashion collections of the Moldovan brand Doina Cebotaru created exclusively by the designer and owner Doinita Cebotaru.

During the Volkswagen Autorigoldi, Fashion Week of Milan Who gave the strongest message in enhancing bourgeois femininity its collections was certainly the Moldovan brand Doina Cebotaru.

Doinita Cebotaru, of Zimesti, Moldova, makes created its brand in 2020, believing in an elegant and Classic woman, fashion collection dedicated to decisive women with strong personalities.

A look to put in everyday work or important events. The style of Dionita Cebotaru will be remembered in these days of Milan Fashion Week.

Website: Click here
Facebook: Doina Cebotaru
Istagram: Doinita Cebotaru

Makeup and Hairs Models: Elite by Frenk Pugliese, Celebrity Beauty by Roberto Petroccia

Official Photographers : Roberto Prisco , Pippo Failla, Riccardo Novarini , Massimo Pedrazzoi , Sabino di Cianno

Event Director: Rosario Stagno
Romania Director: Iolanda Deca