Miss Economic World 2022

“Miss Economic World” championship is not just a beauty pageant, it is a Cultural Olympic Game among woman artists with dreams to endorse the world economy!  Join our momentum, show your influence and contribution to our economic world!

An Economic World is a global social entity with efficient productivity and provides quality living conditions for all lives!   An Economic World with humanity is our destination.

May Liu, the founder of Miss Economic World

May Liu is President of Superstar Art Foundation, the founder of Miss Economic World. She is an artist, media host and social influencer, film producer, screenwriter and financial advisor.

May Liu, President of Superstar Art Foundation
May Liu, President of Superstar Art Foundation

Who We Are?

Superstar Art Foundation is a non-profit public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) in the United States. It is formed by artists and art supporters. In Superstar-art-Foundation, our mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of humanities, women’s rights, children’s protection, animal protection, world peace, family love, and care. Furthermore, We help artists to grow their expertise in their careers and provide support to fund their projects through our non-profit programs.

(Website: www.Superstar-art-foundation.org )

What is Miss Economic World?

Miss Economic World is not just a Pageant, it is a connection to the world influencers. It is a cultural Olympics in all countries. Giving recognition to Youth woman artists to endorse the world economy. Miss Economic World championship is organized by Superstar Art Foundation. Our Final award is Superstar Contribution Award—“Miss Economic Award”


If you have over 3 years of model experience, want the top 10 ranks in other competitions, age below 30, with a warm heart to help other people, have a dream of developing your career on an international stage, you are welcome to apply for Miss Economic World nominee for the Year 2022!

Event Calendar:

February 1st-May1st, 2022                    Applicant Registration

May 1st- July 20th, 2022                          Online voting

June 20th-July 20th, 2022                     (A round) Voting & Interviews

July 20th—August 20th, 2022              (B round) Top 10 Selection

August 20th–Sept 20th, 2022               Final  Award Winner

December 18th, 2022 (SUN)                  Superstar Award Gala 2022


Use the Application Form at the below link to sign up:



Miss Economic World 2022 Invitation CLICK HERE


An Economic world with humanity is our destination! Support Miss Economic World  Humanity Fund, we give our voice for world peace, and provide help to the needs!