Manou Oeschger, Instagram’s Most Stunning Model

With her natural talents and magnetic personality, Manou Oeschger certainly knows how to wow audiences. Having made herself a platform for success and a great following, it comes as no surprise that she was invited to participate in the Model Diaries series by the FNL Network. In this series, Manou is featured in her own episode where she walks viewers through her daily life as a model.

Achieving success wasn’t easy; Manou had to overcome obstacles to get to where she is today. “People in Switzerland are not as open-minded as here in the US to think you can have a career in the entertainment industry. So, the opportunity to become a model wasn’t available until I was older,” Manou said in an interview.

Audiences couldn’t be more glad that Manou is in the industry. Her content and good nature continuously inspire fans from around the world. Her career blossomed as fans couldn’t get enough of her talent. As Manou’s career grew, she met some of the industry’s top professionals, including FNL Network’s CEORocco Leo Gaglioti.

“I met Rocco in the very beginning when I moved to Los Angeles. We would see each other at every fashion event in LA. So, we stayed in touch and one day he called me and said, ‘I might have a fun project for you, you’re in?’ Once I heard what it was all about, YES 100% I was in!” Manou said.

That fun project was to create an episode of Model Diaries—just for her! Thus, Manou’s episode of Model Diaries was born. In this episode, viewers get exclusive insight into what Manou’s life is like as a model. From witnessing her exercise regimen to watching her and her team prepare for a photoshoot, audiences get a tasteful glimpse into Manou’s amazing work.

“I felt so honored being part of Model Diaries,” Manou said. “To me, that was a dream come true and I can’t thank Rocco enough for that. It was one of the most fun yet also challenging projects. From planning to executing, Rocco let me have all the creativity and freedom.”

The episode was worth its challenges. Fans raved over the stunningly majestic photoshoot Manou has in the episode. First adorned in a striking ruby red gown, then changing into a gorgeous violet faux fur coat and glittering jumpsuit, Manou showcases the magic behind creating high fashion content.

With so many great moments in the episode, it’s no wonder Manou enjoyed working on it. When asked what her favorite part was about creating the episode, Manou answered, “Shooting some high fashion content with my full team and being followed by a camera team the whole day. I could do that every day.”

Life hasn’t been without changes since the creation of the episode. Since then, Manou has started her own family and taken on new adventures.“I’m a full-time creator and mom of 2 kids now. I show the world nothing but the truth of how life is in reality—without any filters on it,” Manou said.

Viewers can follow Manou’s Instagram account, @officialmanou. Fans can also find Manou’s episode of Model Diaries on the FNL Network, which is available for free everywhere. Just click this link to find FNL Network on your local app store for your device, or to stream online. Audiences can also stream the episode directly with this link.


Written by Bethany Robertson