Capt. Silvano Scavella President of INFINITO Village International

Silvano Scavella, former Captain of the Merchant Navy, is today an Italian entrepreneur, founder and President of “INFINITO Village International” Media Group, considered one of the most innovative and followed international fashion system networks in Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

Silvano was born in Recanati (Italy), the birthplace of the great poet Giacomo Leopardi and city internationally known as, “the City of Poetry”.

After attending higher studies and obtained Diploma at the Nautical Academy of Ancona, he enrolled in the University Faculty of Law in Macerata but soon understood that he deeply loved the sea, freedom and the great blue space. He then leaves his university studies to pursue a career as a Naval Officer, exercised for many years with long and adventurous journeys full of exciting experiences, between Africa, India, the Far East and the Americas.

Her activity in the fashion world began in 2016, making use of the cognitive and inspirational experience gained during the numerous runways organized on board cruise ships. Silvano is not only a brilliant entrepreneur, creative and competent, but also a charismatic person with remarkable interpersonal skills, great sensitivity, availability and generosity. His ideas are a continuous success and a source of great inspiration for the new creative generations and for events managers.

First of all, he understands the enormous potential of communication through social media and in 2016 he became founder and “Dominus” of the INFINITO Village International Group, while in 2018 he created INFINITO Village International Network, an ambitious and innovative free and independent Network, dedicated to the world of fashion, culture and international tourism and the creation and development of new projects and new entrepreneurship. Today the Network, present and operating in 36 Countries around the world, counts on an international team of professionals of the sector, managers of international events, Presidents of numerous National Fashion Councils and a wide audience of young and talented collaborators; promotes start-ups, creates synergies, looks at the market and makes them seize opportunities.

Creativity, uniqueness, passion and innovation are the inspiring principles of Silvano for the INFINITO village International Group, a universe in constant evolution, a community on the move, open and participatory, united by shared experiences and cultural exchanges that become the most authentic form of communication and connection.

Silvano, is the heart, first of all, and the entrepreneurial mind of INFINITO Village International. A little big world in which imagination, creativity, new ideas and projects are born and developed thanks to the continuous contribution and the collaboration of many creative persond in the world who like him love beauty, well-made and who demonstrate passion, talent, inspiration and fantasy. Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging  jobs in the world,  but being able to create a business around own dream and make it work together with own international team, offers priceless satisfaction.

Silvano, digital entrepreneur of the fashion, lifestyle, culture and tourism, represents the contemporary dreamer. One of its most relevant missions is in fact to contribute to the discovery of new small and medium-sized enterprises in the international creative and cultural industry and to the growth of many young talents by transmitting positivity, emotions and above all passion to transform them into contemporary “warriors”, while maintaining their free and independent spirit. One of his most recurring motivational quotes dedicated to young people is in fact: – “If you find a passion and you manage to turn it into a job, you will feel like you have never worked a day in your life”.

Silvano embodies a self-made lifestyle that encompasses different souls that include fashion, beauty, the sea and the admiration for authentic know-how and  produced according to the ancient and wise traditions. He loves living in nature and knows how to take his time. Silvano despite his international Network that continuously connects him with the rest of world, also loves being alone with himself because he believes it is right to take moments to walk alone on the beach or in the open countryside, being alone with oneself leads you to become aware of the choices and what you live. Remaining in silence contemplating nature, one’s soul is listened and all what is inside. It is a universe of sensations, moods and atmospheres, intertwined with the desire to instill inspiration and beauty. We should all learn to be silent for a few hours.