Miss Economic World 2022 Registration Ceremony Dallas

Miss Economic World 2022 registration ceremony is successfully held in Sheraton Hotel Dallas, on SUNDAY 3:00PM-6:00PM March 27th, 2022.

Miss Economic World 2022 registration event is s organized by Superstar Art Foundation, co organized by AMERICAS CHAMBER, sponsored by MMEC Business EXPO. There are over 200 people attended this event.

“Miss Economic World” championship is not just a beauty pageant, it is a Cultural Olympic Game among woman artists with dreams to endorse the world economy! An Economic World with humanity is our destination. As a part of the non profit effort, MEW 2022 ambassador will be helping to promote humanity fund raising, to give voice for world peace, help Ukraine people to rebuild their lost family in the war.

Miss Economic World 2022 candidate Sign up page: https://www.superstar-art-foundation.org/miss-economic-world

Registration End Date: 05/01/2022

EVENT VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/uqa7gyI2CI0

Photo: May Liu, Miss Economic World organizer with candidates and sponsors. Dress sponsored by: Superstar Collections Design

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