Miss Summer World is one of the most important competition in the world. Our aim is not only the selection of beauty ambassador from each corner of the world, but intend that through art to do the world beautiful. This year our event it’s dedicated the Peace in Ukraine.

Miss Summer World, gives all contestants equal opportunity to participate regardless of color, race, creed, or ethnic origin. It is also committed to carrying out selections in a fair and impartial way, without discrimination.

Miss Summer World 2022 is the sixth edition, aiming that this year to include more participates from all over the continent, to give to this event another greatness.

The girls from all the world, as worthy representative of all the states from where they will be coming, together with charm, elegance and emotion of the national dress, will donate final impressive, which will arrive the peak at the final spectacle.

“THE WORLD NEVER GIVES UP”, under this philosophy, will come this year Miss Summer World 2022, as one of the best special memory for all participants.

The Miss Summer World from the first year in 2016, will be held in a beautiful city

of Albania. The pageant will be organize by Spectacle Agencies “ALBANIA EVENT PRODUCTION”. The founder&owner of this beauty pageant it’s famous producer and journalist Albana Çakshiri. She working to give many surprises in the coronation night.

Date & Venue: 16th to 22th May 2022

Albania, Europe


The list of the Winners of Miss Summer World Pageants.

2016- Artemi Moustaki of Greece

2017- Jessica Worhmann of Netherlands

2018- Kacey Coleenlim of Philippines

2019- Natalia Frederchukadf of Portugal

2021- Kitti Vascsak of Hungary