Miss Supertalent of the World 2022 Season 14 Dubai Grand Final

Miss Supertalent of the World 2022 Season 14th was held on March 26, 2022 at the Dubai Festival City in UAE.38 girls from 38 countries participated in this prestigious international modeling and creator competition for the opportunity to become a global super star

Alexandra Stroe of Romania crowned at the end of the event.Kianna Stephens of England awarded 1st Runner-up,AnastasiiaDymchenko of Denmark, 2nd Runner-up, Mathilde Fanny Remelius of France, Anastasija Aleksejeva ka of Lithuania, ViktoriiaBaloian of Armemia and KnarikGevorgyan of Spain awarded top 7

The Grand Finals of the Miss Supertalent of the World was organized by TNC IT Solutions Group, exclusively during the World Metaverse Conference that provides blockchain development and security services with 500+ blockchain developers working all around the world.

Supertalent of the World is one of well-known International Supermodel | Beauty queen Competition and Influencer platform, it was held Seoul, Paris, Nice, Milan, Rome, Ferrari Auto of Modena, Eiffel Tower of Paris, become ultimate and unique event with devotion and professionalism, encouraging generations of fashion models and beauty queens, has discovered some of the notable contestants including Diana Arno (2011), Maria Sten (2011),Meriam George (2013), Malina Joshi (2013), Dipna Patel (2014), Milett Figueroa (2016), Natali Varchenko (2017), Chloee Veitch (2018) and LadaAkimova

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