The World’s Most Exquisite Womenswear Brand: Tadashi Shoji

Dazzling sequins, delicate lace appliques, and immaculately innovative styles—what’s not to love about Tadashi Shoji? Known for the most elegant and stunning silhouettes, Tadashi Shoji inspires women around the world with an impeccable sense of style. Pioneered by Japanese-American designer Tadashi Shoji, the fashion label has been creating the most gorgeous feminine formal wear since 1982. Having amassed a massive following of women from around the world, Tadashi Shoji continues to catch the admiring gaze of audiences on an international scale.

This season, Tadashi Shoji showcased yet another magnificent collection. Created for Fall/Winter 2022, the collection showcases the finest velvets, suiting, and long, cascading dresses. Emerald greens, deep royal blues, and rose pinks adorn the collection in a spectrum of immersive color.

Tadashi Shoji’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection is inspired by menswear textiles and cuts. Glamorizing menswear with a feminine twist, Tadashi Shoji’s new collection cannot disappoint. Each piece combines the most figure-flattering silhouettes with the most exquisite embellishments. Every woman is sure to fall in love with the silky fabrics, attractive colors, and elegant details. With so many great pieces in the collection, it’s challenging to pick a favorite!

Behind the scenes, Tadashi Shoji and his team certainly enjoyed creating the collection. “[Our] favorite part about creating the FW22 collection is designing fabrications that are inspired by menswear,” John Bonifacio, a representative from Tadashi Shoji, said in an interview.

Audiences are sure to love the menswear inspired details as much as the team did. Menswear inspired textiles decorate the collection in a wave of glamorous innovation. Intriguing chevron jacquard suiting, and pinstripe inspired velvets present striking new styles. The craftsmanship and mastery behind each design demonstrates Tadashi Shoji’s impeccable talents.

As viewers watch the remarkable collection, the Tadashi Shoji team hopes that audiences will be inspired. “Free yourself from fashion’s implicit rules. Wear gowns to feel good because confidence is beautiful and confident beauty is radiant. Remain exquisitely you,” John said.

On March 9th, Tadashi Shoji presented its collection on International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW). As the most accessible fashion week to date, IDFW proudly represents the best of the best in fashion—so it is no surprise that Tadashi Shoji was invited to present on IDFW. Viewers from around the globe watched Tadashi Shoji’s collection in awe of the magnificently mesmerizing designs. When asked what the brand’s favorite part of participating in IDFW, John responded, “being able to reach viewers from all over the world and hopefully inspire them to be confident and radiant.”

Want to be inspired and see the most stunning collection of women’s formal wear? Watch Tadashi Shoji’s collection for free on IDFW! Presentations on IDFW are available for six months. Click this link to watch Tadashi Shoji’s presentation now.

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Written by Bethany Robertson