A Bold Awakening: Zooonek’s Unek Collection

Walking amidst a faded world, models move fearlessly with the self-assurance that can only come from being cloaked in beautiful armor. Zooonek’s Unek collection provides such armor, as it shields the wearer in a stunning ray of light and wonder. Such strikingly gorgeous designs can only come from Zooonek’s designer, Geoffrey Owens.

“Zooonek is based on a puppy that is lost in the jungle, and the animals are trying to help Zooonek out of the jungle. The puppy represents me, trying to navigate through the jungle of life. The people are my guide to lead me to my destiny,” Geoffrey said in an interview.

Such a journey can be seen throughout the Unek collection. Subtle browns and greens adorn the collection in a cloud of wondrous nature. Wild details of sherpa, cheetah print, and small pops of color decorate the collection in subtle hints of animal inspiration. All these details come together in a ray of shining brilliance, tying the collection together as pages in a story.

“The Unek collection is a collection that I created as a way to speak volume about myself. Inspired by a style that I call ‘free flow,’ I am able to create and express my one-of-a-kind, original, and unique look,” Geoffrey said.

The Unek collection certainly speaks volumes about Geoffrey; it demonstrates his talent and genius as a designer. Viewers are sure to fall in love with the spectacular designs Geoffrey created for this collection.

Stunning ruffles and immaculate gathering decorate the collection in a crisp wave of smooth, flowing, and alluring detail. Pants flared in flowing volumes provide an elegant touch of attainable richness. With so many great designs and stunning details, it’s hard to pick a favorite piece. When asked what his favorite part was about creating the collection, Geoffrey answered, “creating pieces that color, shapes, and texture added to the look.”

Upon viewing the collection, audiences are sure to see details of a beautiful story. A story of courage, self-discovery, and self-assurance. But also, the story is more than that. As Geoffrey said, the collection is about “love, happiness, and freedom.”

On March 9th, Zooonek’s collection was presented during International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW). As the most accessible fashion week to date, IDFW proudly showcases the best of the best in fashion. So, it comes as no surprise that Zooonek was invited to showcase on IDFW. When asked what he enjoys most about participating in IDFW, Geoffrey said, “the exposure of my brand globally and the family love with the IDFW team.”

Audiences can still enjoy Zooonek’s Unek Collection. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch and rewatch all of their favorite designer’s showcase new, exciting collections. Click this link to watch Zooonek’s presentation on IDFW.

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Written by Bethany Robertson