Blending Chic Styles With Tradition: Rumah Rakuji

As a shelter for Indonesian culture, art, and craft, Rumah Rakuji has been promoting Indonesian artistry for years. Rocking the international stage with yet another stunning collection, Rumah Rakuji shines a light on more beautiful traditional textiles and crafts.

“The theme of my collection is an Ode to Indonesia’s Ethnic Weaving in Fashion. My collections are inspired by the design in variety motif technique and colors of East Nusa Tenggara woven, and these of which are made from natural dyes and organic materials,” Myra Widiono, the designer at Rumah Rakuji, said in an interview.

Eco-conscious practices are one of the top priorities at Rumah Rakuji. Designing with organic textiles, natural dyes, and zero-waste concepts, Rumah Rakuji leaves a positive impact on the industry. Additionally, Rumah Rakuji’s new collection is made of fibers that are not only organic but are also unique to traditional Indonesian textiles.

“These woven fabrics are produced along the string of East Nusa Tenggara isles and combined together into an ensemble with ULAP DOYO from East Kalimantan. The combination with Ulap Doyo (a woven made from the natural fiber of curculigo latifolia leaves or local named is Doyo leaves) is the unique textile that I love and promote, as I am really involved in the production processes from leaves until weaving. To create these textiles, I collaborate with the indigenous weavers,” Myra said.

Beautiful motifs and delicate details adorn the collection in an eye-catching ray of fabulous artistry. Though traditional, the patterns on the textiles certainly have a place in the modern market. Modern audiences are sure to love the brilliant motifs sprinkled throughout the collection.

“My favorite part of creating my collection for this event was first choosing the wovens from different parts of East Nusa Tenggara, then creating on the mood board as the parade of colors scheme,” Myra said in an interview.

On March 9th, Rumah Rakuji showcased its new collection on International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW). Platforming the best designers from all around the world, IDFW showcases the best of the best. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Rumah Rakuji was invited to showcase on IDFW. Viewers are sure to love the chic, handmade designs Rumah Rakuji offers. Keeping tradition alive in the modern world, Rumah Rakuji stands unique on fashion’s world stage.

When asked what her favorite part was about participating in IDFW, Myra responded, “My favorite part of participating in IDFW is the fact that I could directly compare various aspects of my products with others in terms of fashion and how we value our products. The process of preparing all of this to IDFW was a bit laborious but proven to be the most useful experience for me.”

Presentations on IDFW are available for six months. To view Rumah Rakuji’s amazing presentation on IDFW, click here.

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Written by Bethany Robertson