Mabrouka Ghanmi Jury member of the prestigious “Miss Economic World”

“We are seeking Arab talented women to be part of this international competition.”

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Texas, USA – April 20, 2022 – Tunisian journalist resident in Canada, Mabrouka Ghanmi joined “Miss Economic World” jury members for its third edition to be held in Texas, USA next December.

Miss Economic World pageant is organized by Superstar Art Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization established in Texas. The foundation provides pageant winners with career-enhancing jobs and roles in movies and TV shows. In the past, Superstar Art Foundation has partnered with financial investors, family offices, art galleries and fashion brands.

The movies producer and former sports TV presenter expressed her gratitude to Miss Economic World president stating, “I would like to thank my friend May Liu for such honor to represent my country Tunisia and the Arab world in this international competition striving to empower women, embrace cultures and embody the beauty that comes from within”.

“I invite all talented girls from the Arab world to participate, raise their voices and chase their dreams”

International film producer May Liu of Rockwall founded Miss Economic World in 2020 to help artists achieve their dreams. “It’s not just a beauty pageant, it’s a worldwide culture Olympics,” Liu said. “There are many beauty pageants out there trying to exploit beauty in various ways. We’re reimagining the concept to instead focus on the economic impact of women in the global marketplace, online and offline.”

The first pageant attracted contestants from 54 countries, and the Gala was to take place on the red carpet at Cannes, France before the pandemic hit. The venue was changed to New York’s Metropolitan Club in response to travel restrictions. This year, Liu is looking at locations in Texas, and New York to hold the competition with the Gala ultimately to return to Cannes.


If you have over 3 years model experience, wan the top 10 rank in other competition, age below 30, with a warm heart to help other people, have a dream of developing your career on an international stage, you are welcome to apply for Miss Economic World nominee for the Year 2022!

Use the Application Form at below link to sign up:

Event Calendar:

February 1st-May1st, 2022 Registrations

May 1st- July 20th, 2022, Online voting

June 20th-July 20th, 2022 (A round) voting & Interviews

July 20th—August 20th, 2022 (B round) Top 10 Selection

August 20th–Sept 20th, 2022, Final Award Winner

December 18th, 2022, Superstar Award Gala 2022

How to join as a Candidate step by step?

1. Send us your photo profile CV and video profile to our email: [email protected] for registration. Sign up with the application form at page:

2. Join our Facebook group: Superstar Art Foundation, Miss Economic World

3. All Candidates MUST join our candidate’s Facebook group and subscribe to our social media for voting.

For championship notice and communication:

Facebook group:

For nominee video profile voting at

Superstar TV:

3. Share our official post link of your profile on your social media and in all our groups for the votes,

4. Invite friends to join our Superstar Gala for the final award event.

How to Win?

As “Superstar Contribution Award” encourages the highest influence in the social media and dollar support for the winners, we strive for the economic income for the candidates to monetize your network, our Award Score System as below:

A) Social Influence contribution:

1 “interview view” = 1 point

1 “like” = 1 point

1 “comment” = 2 points

B) Dollar contribution:

1 “dollar” = 10 points

(Dollar contribution can be a donation to our foundation, product sales from our website, sponsorship for our event, member fee, ticket sale)

C) Jury Member Scores

The candidate that collects the highest total scores (A+B+C) from above in a competition year will be the Final Winner of the “Miss Economic Award”.

Top 10 Winners Benefits:

1.”Miss Economic World 2022″ Certificate.

2. Title of “Ambassador” of Superstar Art Foundation for one year.

3.Free Superstar Academy training class.

4. Participating in SUPERSTAR TV show.

5. Be recommended to brand endorsement opportunity.

6. Be recommended to movie casting opportunity.

7. Top fashion and entertainment media exposure worldwide.

8. Gift/Prize provided by Sponsor.

9. One year Superstar Club VIP Member benefits。

Final 3 winners Benefit:

1.”Miss Economic World 2022″ Award Winner Certificate.

2. Title of “Ambassador” of Superstar Art Foundation for one year.

3. FREE Superstar Academy training class.

4. FREE Admission to Red Carpet show at Superstar Award Gala.

5. Participating in SUPERSTAR TV show.

6. Be recommended to brand endorsement opportunity.

7. Be recommended to movie casting opportunity.

8. Top fashion and entertainment media exposure worldwide.

9. Gift/Prize provided by Sponsor.

10. One year Superstar Club VIP Member benefits。

Supporting Ukraine

Miss Economic World is raising humanity fund to help Ukraine by 05/31/2022, which allows the organization to give grants at $50 up to $100 to each Ukraine applicant for their food and shelter! Support humanity fund, every dollar donation will add 10 points to the nominee’s competition score!

If you are Ukraine that need help, click “Need Help” now to apply grants from Miss Economic World

Who We Are?

Superstar Art Foundation is a non-profit public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) in the United States. It is formed by artists and art supporters. In Superstar-art-Foundation, our mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of humanities, women’s rights, children’s protection, animal protection, world peace, family love, and care. Furthermore, We help artists to grow their expertise in the career and provide support to fund their projects through our non-profit programs.

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What is Miss Economic World?

Miss Economic World is not just a Pageant, it is a connection to the world influencers. It is a cultural Olympics among all countries. Giving recognition to Youth woman artists to endorse the world economy. Miss Economic World championship is organized by Superstar Art Foundation. Our Final award is Superstar Contribution Award—“Miss Economic Award”


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