Popular designer from all over Europe on Serbia Fashion Week

Spring edition of Serbia Fashion Week will be held from April 26th to 30th in Novi Sad. At two locations: the Novi Sad Fair and the SKCNS “Fabrika”, the audience will see many fantastic fashion shows, exhibitions, seminars and accompanying programs.

The most popular designers from Serbia will present their new collections, but also from the region of the former Yugoslav republics and countries from all over Europe.

During the evening of the grand opening of Serbia Fashion Week, part of the “European Capital of Culture 2022” project this year, will be a fashion show by Slovenian designer Sanja Veličković. It comes from the city of Ptuj in the former Yugoslav republic of Slovenia.

“Looking back, I can say that I was born to create my dreams and make others happy. Soon, the wish became reality and in 2009 I opened my studio in Ptuj. I started creating under my brand Sanja V Design, with tagline – Wear your dreams!

I was always different, unique, loyal to myself. I had first independent fashion show in 2005. I was creating dresses for beauty competitions, like Miss Slovenia, Miss Universe Slovenia, Famme Fatale Slovenia, Vine queen Slovenia, and Vine queen of Ptuj. In 2011, I had a fashion show and exhibition in New York. Since 2015, I created two dress collections every year and had fashion shows in Ptuj in towns around Slovenia.

In 2016, I took a new step – I presented the Frida Kahlo collection at SFW – Serbia Fashion Week in Novi Sad. Since then, I am a regular guest at SFW, where my collections were also awarded. The awards were followed by invitations in Paris (live 2017 and digital 2020), Milan Fashion Week 2019, Kazakhstan at Aktau Fashion Week, Malta Fashion Week, etc. In short, between 2016 and 2019, thanks to the awards, I had the opportunity to present my creations around the world.

I try to create my own trends, so uniformity doesn’t appeal to me. The goal of my clothes is to find the right person to wear it. For me, is important that wearer feels good in my creation. My design always offers functionality and comfort, so my customers don’t even think about throwing clothes away just because they are old and no longer “modern”.

My collections are created spontaneously, everywhere, thoughts simply come to my mind. I put them on paper in a form of sketch, I choose appropriate materials, make cuts, sew. First, I try them on myself, then models wear them on fashion shows. After, they patiently wait in the studio for the right person to come around, to wear them, to wear their dreams”, said designer Sanja Velickovic.