International Scientific and Practical Conference on the topic “Kazakh national costume and worldview”

On May 4 in Taraz, Kazakhstan within the framework of ASPARA FASHION WEEK the International Scientific and Practical Conference on the topic “Kazakh national costume and worldview” will take place in a combined mode with discussion of more than 30 reports from Holland, Russia, Kuwait, Tatarstan, Turkey, Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Hungary, China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

In addition, the participants are ethnic Kazakhs living in these countries. We cherish and reverently keep the ancient traditions of nomadic costumes. However, to save and propagandize it among the younger generation, in life, its use as a creative source by designers of other countries, we need to popularize it as a subject of pride and practicality from the point of view of a modern way of life.

The topic is relevant enough, because the national costume, as well as other components of our national patrimony changed in different epochs of time, changes now. Every year two seasons of fashion weeks, take place in the world community. Each season offers advanced technology, innovative fabrics, practical sewing accessories, etc. The national clothing, endowed with the spirit of modernity – “neo-folklore” will also change in accordance with the trends, while maintaining its traditionalism. Such clothes should preserve the fine line between the philosophy of nomadic culture and the practicality of Europe. Undoubtedly, due to its originality it will be in demand among the selective army of consumers. Neo-folklore style clothing should be designed in an assortment taking into account regional and age specifics. This is required by a dynamic and competitive market. From such reasoning, the idea was born to bring together for discussion the specialists designing clothes and foreign experts, who are not indifferent to further development of folk costume.

The purpose of the conference is to share the experience of combining ethnic motifs with the trends of contemporary fashion as well as to create a unified platform for the promotion of contemporary Kazakh costume in the global world.

The conference program will address the following points:

– Discuss how ethnic style clothing is highly regarded by fashion experts far beyond Kazakhstan;

– share their visions of folk costume at the present stage;

– tell how national costumes can look stylish and modern;

– We will learn how to integrate folk motifs into every day and special images, using the works of conference participants as an example;

– We will show how experts around the world are admiring traditional Kazakh costumes, and how fashion-loving women are incorporating them into their closets;

– prove that the knowledge of your culture and skillful integration of it into modern style is a sign of high skill;

To inspire ideas of folk motifs, to attract attention and arouse admiration of the international fashion industry to the traditions of Kazakh national costume is our common task.