Fine Strokes of Color: IG MODA’s Apparel Collection

Smooth swirls of calm, imaginative color decorate the canvases Irina Gorbman brilliantly paints. Known as a genius colorist and artist, Irina has delighted viewers with her talents for years. Most popular, however, is Irina’s ability to transform her paintings into wearable art. With her own fashion line– IG MODA– Irina Gorbman creates beautiful activewear pieces derived from her artwork.

“I realized that creation is a meditation, and my oil paintings and design carry the same meditative healing vibe. The uniqueness and the purpose of the brand is to merge fashion and spirituality. There is more than meets the eye,” Irina Gorbman said in an interview.

Like a smooth sheet of fresh snow, each design from Irina’s collection presents a calming presence. The colors in every piece dance together in beautiful arrays of texture. Viewers are sure to find Irina Gorbman’s memorizing designs to be thoughtfully meditative. Irina’s immaculate use of color presents the most eye-catching, yet calming effects. Pastels as soft as clouds in a fresh morning sky adorn the collection in a cool breeze of soothing nature.

“The need for the healing power of art is real. The world has changed permanently– people are disconnected, distracted, and emotionally down.  It’s a challenge to live in a semi-isolation, do soul-searching and motivate yourself to do better.  The colors– happy colors – can help in this process of elevation,” Irina said.

Irina Gorbman’s designs are truly one-of-a-kind. Each pattern on the garments presents a smooth, yet textured appearance.

“My designs are authentic; though art patrons note that the sensitivity of my works is similar to Edvard Munch, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning, Edouard Manet, Mark Tobey and refer to abstract expressionism and automatic and gestural painting,” Irina said.

As viewers watch Irina’s collection, they are sure to feel the uplifting energy Irina puts into her work. Each intricate design demonstrates the unwavering passion Irina has for her work. “I believe that in our technology-driven world, we need a color boost to feel more energetic and holistic. Each of my art-inspired garments works as a battery for recharging from within by elevating the energy field and making people happier,” Irina said.

On March 9th, IG MODA presented its collection on International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW). IDFW showcases the most unique and creative fashion brands from all around the world, so it comes as no surprise that Irina Gorbman was invited to showcase IG MODA’s collection on IDFW. When asked what she enjoys most about participating in IDFW, Irina said, “I like working with Rocco because he is very inspirational, doesn’t take anything for granted and is open for collaborations.  I believe in the future of digital fashion, love to design in limited editions, help to reduce waste and save the Planet.”

Viewers can still watch and rewatch all of their favorite collections on IDFW. Since IDFW is available for six months, audiences can continue to enjoy all the wonderful designs on the platform.

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Written by Bethany Robertson