Second night of Serbia Fashion Week, Collections inspired by national cultural heritage

The program Serbia Fashion Week continued with an explosion of creativity on the catwalk. Almost all designers have found inspiration for their new collections from the cultural heritage of the countries they come from, skillfully combining modern and traditional elements.

The second night of Serbia Fashion Week was marked by original and impressive shows that were accompanied by applause.

At the very beginning of the evening, the collection inspired by the cultural heritage of Serbia was presented by designer Silvana Tosic. Her creations are a perfect blend of glamor and tradition, and the show itself was fantastically complemented by the sounds of traditional music.

Singer Bojan Marovic foto Nenad Karlic

Designer Katarina Vidovic presented an elegant, modern collection inspired by Queen Victoria.

This was followed by a fashion show by Greek designer Georgie Chioni and her brand SkiN IT Fashion. Clothing pieces from this collection exude rock and punk.

After that we watched a fashion show by Montenegrin designer Kristina Marovic, whose collection includes motifs of folk costumes from all over the Balkans.

In the continuation of the program, the audience enjoyed the creations of designers Milica Trickovic and Jelena Zoric, who combined their creativity to create a new brand, Lovely Apple. Their collection is innovative and explosive, the color they used brings serenity, but also a breath of extravagance.


In the last block of the second evening, the Swedish designer from Morocco, Imana Belmkaddem, and one of the most famous Serbian fashion designers, Marija Sabic, presented themselves.

The collection of the creator Iman Belmkadem exudes her native Morocco, the fashion show was accompanied by appropriate music, as well as the choreography of the models.

“I used traditional Moroccan fabric. This fabric is usually used in luxury decorations or traditional kaftans. For this collection I used it for a very modern wide jacket with Swedish design”, said Imane Belmkaddem. Hers fashion show watched from the front row Moroccan Ambassador to Serbia Mohamed Amin Belhaj.

At the end of this fashion evening, designer Marija Sabic presented her collection. The models wore elegant and glamorous models of delicate colors complemented by fluttering scarves.