The perfect blend of past and future, the third evening of Serbia Fashion Week

On the third evening of the spring edition of Serbia Fashion Week, the audience enjoyed the fantastic creations of domestic and foreign designers. We have seen collections of different ideas, cuts and fabrics, but what they have in common is that they skillfully combine the most valuable things from the past with elements that belong to the future.

The program was opened by designer Latinka Djordjevic, recognizable for her creations that have no seams. She used merino wool and silk, which is why the designer sought inspiration for the design in nature.

“I am inspired by a healthy lifestyle. I have always wanted to live in a completely natural way, so I created a collection dominated by handicrafts,” said Latinka Djordjevic.

Something completely different followed. The guest from Hungary, Anet Csizmazia, presented the collection she designed for the ZIA Budapest brand. The audience followed the show with enthusiasm

“The focus is on creating a more beautiful and better world. We make timeless and quality creations that will forever be a part of your wardrobe “, said the guest from Hungary.

In the second block of the show, we saw the collection of Dutch designer Carmichael Bifield, who presented clothes in a modern style that makes innovative creations with colorful prints.

Designer Valentina Dukić presented her collection of glamorous wedding dresses, like from a fairy tale. Models on the catwak looked like modern princesses. Everything looked magical and fairytale-like, and the audience rewarded it with applause.

At the very end of the evening, the catwalk was dominated by designer Boško Jakovljević, who presented his new collection, which he designed for the Martini Vesto brand. In the first part of this great collection, we saw clothes of intense colors and prints, while the second part is more reduced and calmer with the dominant black color.

Then, at the end of the evening, there was a fashion show by designer Jelena Malešević, who presented an extremely interesting and original collection. The futuristic, avant-garde design of her creations is different from everything we have seen since the beginning of the 19th Serbian Fashion Week. A unique blend of past and future.

The name of this collection is Time Less, which means its timelessness. I found inspiration in the prehistoric civilization of Vinca “, said Jelena Malešević.



Photo: Nenad Karlic, Danijel Rauski, Milan Babic, Milan Milojic