Edric Ong: Mixing Traditional and Modern Styles

Edric Ong designs hand-made fashions from natural resources. Using hand-woven cottons, silks, and wools, Edric creates a variety of apparel worthy of praise. Designing with natural colors derived from roots, bark, leaves, and fruit-peels, Edric is at the forefront of sustainable textile production.

Inspired by the tweed textiles worn by his British friends and relatives, Edric chose to incorporate tweed into his collection for Fall/Winter 2022. “Tweed is distinctly British in identity so, I wanted to match this with our distinctly Iban textile of Pua Kumbu,” Edric said in an interview.

Such an inspiration is certainly reflected in the collection! Tweed jackets adorn the collection in a sophisticated air of class and simplicity. Traditional textiles and prints decorate the collection in a tropical wind of beauty and excitement. As viewers observe Edric’s collection, they are sure to love all the wonderful details the collection has to offer.

“My favorite part is in the fine tuning of the collection, mixing and matching the separate items e.g., jackets, scarfs, hats, and accessories for each look,” Edric said.

Edric’s skilled eye and trained hand for fine-tuning each look can certainly be seen in every piece. Each and every look in the collection is styled with impeccable taste and masterful artistry. Upon watching the collection, viewers are sure to appreciate every detail.

“I hope viewers will appreciate the handwoven textiles ( ie the Iban ikat and the Tweeds) and also the accessories,” Edric said.

On March 9th, Edric Ong presented his collection on International Digital Fashion Week. As a platform that showcases the best of the best, IDFW is known for presenting diverse and talented designers from all around the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Edric was invited to show on IDFW. When asked what his favorite part about participating in IDFW is, Edric responded, “the thought of being seen globally/internationally, and sharing the same platform with renowned brands!”

Viewers can still watch Edric’s collection on IDFW. Since collections on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch and rewatch all of their favorite collections. Click here to watch Edric Ong’s video on IDFW.

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Written by Bethany Robertson