Patrick Cupid: Creating Seamless Assortments of Classy Prints

An artist, designer, and clothing architect, Patrick Cupid has certainly made a name for himself in the industry. Pairing classy silhouettes with playful prints, Patrick creates innovative and unique styles. Made for the fearlessly independent woman, Patrick Cupid’s collections provide a wonderful assortment for many to enjoy in the wardrobe.

Not only does Patrick Cupid design beautiful and forward-thinking fashions, but he also designs with sustainability in mind. “Our lateral approach to design is rooted in the brand ethos with a desire to shift away from one of fashion’s most environmentally damaging aspects: overconsumption! Focused on quality and responsible design practices, the brand produces in New York using locally sourced materials… The re-purposing of fabrics within ensuing collections cuts development costs, reduces waste, and further advances the seamless integration of cross-seasonal merchandising,” Patrick said in an interview.

Fantastic designs, sustainable practices, and locally produced—what’s not to love about Patrick Cupid’s collections? When purchasing a Patrick Cupid original, customers can be rest assured that Patrick Cupid designs with sustainability in mind.

For the Fall/Winter 2022 season, Patrick Cupid designed the most imaginative collection yet. As Patrick said in an interview, the Agrestal collection is, “inspired by the fictional adventure of a character who inhabits a forest and ventures out to explore the city beyond the wood, Agrestal examines the beauty of imperfect nature in balance with the synthesis of social order.”

“Agrestal surprised me in many ways. I absolutely love the colors in the collection. They’re breathtaking and the combinations are genius. Creating the prints for this collection was more playtime than anything else,” Patrick said in an interview. His passion for his work not only shows in interviews, but it can also be very clearly seen in his work.

On March 9th, Patrick Cupid showcased his collection on International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW). As a platform that presents the best of the best in fashion, IDFW showcases esteemed designers from around the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Patrick Cupid was invited to join IDFW. When asked what he enjoys most about participating in IDFW, Patrick said, “IDFW offers an opportunity for brands to expand their imagination. This is my second season with IDFW, and I have produced two films that are being viewed worldwide. As a result, the audience is fashion-focused and engaged, promoting brand awareness.”

Audiences can still watch Patrick Cupid’s collection. Since videos on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can rewatch all of their favorite collections. Click here to watch Patrick Cupid’s collection on IDFW.

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Written by Bethany Robertson