Kazakh folk costume & world view

As part of the IX season of the international fashion week “Aspara fashion week”, an international scientific and practical conference on the topic “Kazakh national clothes and the world view” was held. More than 30 reports from the Netherlands, Russia, Kuwait, Tatarstan, Turkey, Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Hungary, China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan were discussed in a combined mode.

The scientific and practical conference has become one of the main formats of communication between designers and representatives of the fashion industry. It allowed to present to the public the results of the implementation of ideas on the use of Kazakh national elements of clothing, ornaments and patterns in practice, with a full understanding of their meaning and significance, to get feedback, to see what colleagues are working on as a result of a discussion of trends, trends and general trends in the development of fashion in Kazakhstan.

The main purpose of the conference is to exchange best practices and knowledge in the field of implementation of ideas on the use of Kazakh national elements in modern clothing, preservation of national identity and identification of the most gifted and talented youth with the use of their creative and intellectual potential to solve urgent problems of the fashion industry of Kazakhstan.

The results obtained will be useful to all participants and, first of all, will contribute to improving the competitiveness of Kazakhstan in the Fashion world, as well as improving the rating of the ASPARA FASHION WEEK project as a leader in the popularization of the neo-folklore style at the national and international levels. Well, the proposed recommendations will really find their application in practice.