Valeria, Miss Elite Australia 2022

Valeria is an Internationally published model featuring on covers and pages of world known magazines – Grazia Magazine, L’Officiel Magazine, Women Fitness Magazine, MAXIM magazine just to name a few. Valeria is also a choreographer, catwalk and fitness coach, serial beauty pageant winner as well as being a director of a Dance and Entertainment company. Valeriya was also the Executive producer of Beauty Pageant/TV Show and is also working in real estate in one of most prestigious real estate companies in Australia.

QUESTION: Valeria won a world title of the Miss Multiverse 2020 Beauty Beauty/TV Reality Show in the Dominican Republic. Following this Valeria was announced as the executive producer and director for the beauty pageant/TV Show in Australia which she just recently filmed. Valeria also appeared on the recent cover of L’Officiel Magazine and featured in a few fashion shows. Tell us what’s next for you and what you are working on at the moment.

ANSWER: I had an amazing and super productive year despite the covid times. Currently I am preparing for my next Beauty Pageant to compete on the International Stage proudly representing Australia. The beauty pageant’s called Miss Elite. Miss Elite is an International Beauty Pageant, ranked #1 in Middle East and Africa & one of the 5 most prestigious in the world. After being crowned Miss Elite Australia 2022, I am now in intense preparation to make Australia proud, starting with design concept for the national outfit. I am so excited to be wearing an exclusive evening gown proudly sponsored by Princely Couture who is hand making this stunning dress which has a total of 16 000 Swarovski Crystals which I will model at the Grand Finale Gala Event. My other major sponsors are Wicked Weasel providing swimsuits and outfits and BVB for all my my active wear for this pageant. Miss Elite 2022 is under the Auspice of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. It will be held at Somabay, Red Sea, Egypt from the 2nd of June till 11th of June 2022.

I am extremely excited and grateful to be a part of this renowned beauty pageant and meet incredible and world famous judges and hosts of the pageant.

Some of the celebrities include: Star Nawal El Zoghby, one of the most famous female arab singer in the arab world. Carla Haddad, one of the 3 most famous female hosts in arab world . She is host of dancing with the stars arabia and currently host of fi-male on LBCI.

Nabil Younes, a renowned French designer of arab origins who collaborated with chopard, dressed Paris Hilton. Best actor award winner Amir El Masry , a British-Egyptian who acted in Star Wars and several international movies and is the #1 trendiest actor in Egypt just to name a few.

Question: Tell us more about your work in the Fashion field these days?

Answer: After an incredible and successful Gala night I held in March featuring 12 stunning contestants competing in my beauty pageant/Tv show – I was fortunate to partake in another incredible opportunity to manage a Fashion show during Vivid Australia. Vivid Sydney, Australia fuses mesmerising art displays and 3D light projections with exhilarating live music performances, thought-provoking debates and deep-dive discussion from some of the world’s brightest minds. At the Last Vivid held in 2019 we had over 2.4 million people attending the festival. I am super excited to run the fashion segment on 28 and 29th of May. The event called Alpha Royale under Bespoke Organisation run by Yudi Loefti. All I can say is it will be one of the most fascinating fashion show featuring stunning models, dresses from Princely, jewellery from Mon Amour Australia, sponsored by hair salon Liberated Hair and, of course, showcasing the most finest supercars the world has to offer.

Question:How do you keep up with your regime and what is the key to the success?

Answer: I think success is very hard to measure because I believe we don’t have to stop once we achieve something we set and just have to keep going to reach all the stars in the sky.

I am still currently employed full-time in real estate and run my own dance and entertainment business – Icrave dance and Entertainment where I get my creative ideas putting into choreography , outfits, dancers and make any event extra special and unforgettable.

I think we should live the life to the fullest and leave our foot prints in the history, to do so – it is a lot hard work out that goes into it which I don’t mind as I enjoy every single second of it.

QUESTION.Your recent and most efficient advice you can give to the models out there getting ready for a beauty pageant?

ANSWER: Sure, a lot of practice on the catwalk and overall presence on the stage. I think a lot of models don’t take enough time and rushing out of stage during the most important part of the beauty pageant. Take your time, own this stage and give attention to your audience with the respect and time they deserve. Train to feel good, to work on the best posture and being on heels for so long – we need our body ready for this to avoid soreness during the competition. Don’t starve yourself – eat healthy and in moderate portions, body is smatter than we are – and it will give back to us with healthy skin, shiny hair, good mood and overall well-being. And most of all, if you don’t take that 1st place – take this experience with grace and proud and work on a better version of yourself for your next challenge.

QUESTION:Any tricks/tips to share if you are getting super hungry just before you go to bed?

ANSWER.Absolutely. I don’t have super powers! So what I do is finding the favourite healthy snack of the month that I know will satisfy my craving and save me from the ‘disaster situation’ and in the evening and disappointing the next morning.

These days my favourite snack is the fresh coconuts. Consumption of Coconut skin and coconut water have anti-aging benefits, helps to control diabetes, hydration from within and fights dry skin. Coconuts are especially high in manganese, which is essential for bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins. Make sure of course, you don’t have any allergies to the snacks you choose and enjoy the healthy feast! Love your self and make sure whatever is consumed is good for your body.