Marina Djordjevic appointed International Brand Ambassador of INFINITO Village International Group

Marina Djordjievic  is one of the entrepreneurial  figures in the fashion and tourism sector, chosen to accelerate international growth and fully represent the essence and energy of the INFINITO Village International Group.

Her recent appointment as “International Brand Ambassador” confirms the close bond that unites the INFINITO Village International Group with the international fashion, culture and tourism industry.

Born in Kolasin in Montenegro, after a multifaceted and cosmopolitan education, the talented and fervent entrepreneur chooses the beautiful and lively Belgrade to establish her operational headquarters where she founded her own creative company, “Diva turizma”, engaging and specializing in the tourism sector, fashion and major events.

Thanks to her innate talents, her determination, and her entrepreneurial spirit, Marina has quickly become an esteemed and sought-after international entrepreneur and with the continuous development of her varied activities, success is accompanied by numerous awards and professional assignments, from the Management for the Serbia of “Best Kids Model of The Universe Pageant” to that of “Pageant Of The World” as well as of course masterfully directing his own company “Diva turizma” which today boasts important branches office in Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro. Icon of style and a woman with a strong temperament, Marina is able to perfectly manage all these roles with great professionalism, constancy and balance.

Marina embodies all the characteristics of the independent, inspired, talented, and pioneering contemporary Bohème woman, who strives with a hardworking dedication to achieve perfection in everything she creates and accomplishes.
The figure of reference entrepreneur and the prestige she enjoys in the panorama of the tourism industry, international fashion and events, represent an eloquent example of the values of excellence and new entrepreneurship that Infinito Village international wishes to convey to all young creatives who are going to set up their own business. Her undisputed human and professional qualities undoubtedly make Marina the most suitable person to convey those values of excellence, innovation and proximity that make up also, the DNA of INFINITO Village International.

With Marina Djordjevic, INFINITO Village International has decided to build a project of collaboration and integrated communication that speaks both to the international general public and to professionals in the sector.

As an International Brand Ambassador, Marina in addition to bringing her experiences and professional skills will accompany INFINITO Village International in the enhancement of the brand image thanks to her charisma, ability as a skilled communicator and a profound connoisseur of the Balkan entrepreneurial reality.

In addition, she will be a primary actor in the development of a specific common “market and relationship department” dedicated to promoting new opportunities, developing of new international relations, and organizing events, and seminars related to the brand and its business reality.

With great pride, we are pleased to Welcome Marina Djordjevic in our great family with certainty that, through her authoritative collaboration in the enhancement of communication activities, international relations, and in the creation of new events with original and innovative contents, we will be able to jointly communicate, new experiences, new ideas, new trends, and ambitious joint development projects and tourist and economic growth of all the best that our reciprocal territories can offer.