Meetings against drugs, eve-teasing and juvenile gangs were held in the capital

 Awareness meeting on “Drugs, Juvenile Crime, Eve Teasing, Terrorism and Militancy” was organized by Dakshin Khan Police Station in the capital and with the overall support of Milestone School and College.

 Biplob Kumar Goswami, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dakshin Khan Zone, Dhaka Metropolitan Police was present as the chief guest on the occasion. Dakshin Khan Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Mamun. Dakshin Khan Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Mamun was present as the special guest in the presidency of Milestone School and College Principal Abdul Mannan. Everyone should work together to solve this social problem irrespective of party affiliation.

At the same time, he reminded the students of the horrors of drugs and terrorism, saying that drugs and terrorism are leading our young generation to destruction. He urged the younger generation to come back from Epath and lead a healthy and normal life.

Referring to the students as the beacon of the nation, the speakers said, “You will spread light in the society.” They hope that the students of Milestone School and College will play a leading role in tackling all forms of injustice, propaganda, terrorism and militancy. The event was attended by a large number of invited guests including teachers, students, officials and employees of the institution.


 Written by Tanjin Mahamud (Tonu)