Mariana Bakana shines in Cannes for Elvis Movie

The most glamorous incredible festival, Bakana events and prod producer, tells us about the vibrant moment of the Elvis film in which she was invited by the American production.

The King is alive!

A film directed by Baz Luhrmann with a great cast in the presence of Tom Hanks as Manager of ELvis and the young Austin Butler received applause for more than 12 minutes at the end of the screening with the presence of Sharon Stone and several personalities from the world of cinema and fashion.

Elvis was fascinated by singer charisma born in a black neighborhood of Tupelo (Mississippi) and fed gospel and blues as a child. With his cavernous voice and suggestive swing, he makes girls swoon, scares parents, sparks passions and divides a predominantly conservative and puritanical America. But it doesn’t take more to become the King, says Mariana.

Mariana Bakana, dressed by the Spanish designer « Alex Robe, was fascinated by the incredible images in the form of Vegas living on the Croisette de Cannes.

During the festival, the producer-Entrepreneur presented the Cannes Fashion Film Awards event, the great meeting that is presented every year, and the award for Fashion Short Films went to an Israeli brand.