Jitka Klett Paris / Oriental Fashion Show 2022

On the eve of the opening of HAUTE COUTURE FASHION WEEK PARIS, the week the highest fashion and one of the most expected events of the year, the popular and awaited event ORIENTAL FASHION SHOW takes place regularly.

Jitka Klett Paris / Oriental Fashion Show 2022

After The 41st time, it was organized under the leadership of HIND JOUDAR.

The Fashion show took place on January 23, 2022 in the beautiful premises of one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris – the PENINSULA hotel.

Thegoalofthe ORIENTAL FASHION SHOW is to presentselectedsuccessfuldesignersfromallovertheworld on onecatwalk.

Thisyear, for the first time in the history of the show, a representative of the Czech Republic appeared on the catwalk – fashion designer JITKA KLETT, holder of the EUROPEO OSCAR

DELLA MODA 2021 silver award.

Acting on the OFC 2022:

Hany El Behairy / EGYPT



Houita by Selma Boulcina / ALGERIA

La Rena by Renata Kliská / SLOVAKIA

JITKA KLETT showed a new collection of 10 couture models and onewedding model. The Collection Was Worked on in the salon for 6 months and one model was created for approximately 130-350 hours. The Couture collection original model is complemented by author’s crowns from the workshop of the globally successful Czech duo from Liberec, Anička and Vlado Škardů.

Jitka Klett from the Czech Republic was during  the fashion show  supported by fashion designer Beata Rajská together with the successful fashion photographer Arthur Koff / photo in the attachment/. At the entrance to the PENINSULA hotel youcanadmiretheworkofanother Czech company working abroad – the LA SVITU “Dancing Leaves” chandelier / photo in the attachment – a combination of 3 creative fields – fashion, jewelry and glass /.