Fashion Model, Beauty Queen and Actress – Svetlana Gavrilovic

Svetlana is the most wanted type of model in the World- chameleon model, with chameleon eyes!!!

Greetings, Svetlana! We know that you have been a part of the fashion world since you were 17 years old, in other words, for 20 years. This shows extreme love and dedication towards this job. Can you tell us more about yourself and, also, modeling? 

Hello, everyone. I am from Croatia and I come from an old leading modern conservative family which has been living here for centuries. I grew up with my parents and twin brothers in Slavonia and Baranja. I was born in Vukovar, a city which I truly love and where I spent most of my life. I studied marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek.

As a model from Vukovar, it was extremely hard for me to make a career. This was firstly because of the distance of the fashion capital, located in Zagreb. Because of this, us models have to travel up to 20 hours to get to casting and modeling job all together, as well as pay for travel arrangements ourselves.

Secondly, to be model from my town it is hard because of the political events regarding Croatia and Serbia, which always target our city of Vukovar and people living in it. We are looked at differently and people from Vukovar are always under the microscope. However, it should also be noted that Croatia strives to be fair towards all its citizens, meaning that if you have talent, work hard towards your goal, if you are resilient and ready to make an effort and dedicate your time towards this business, you can make an excellent career for yourself. Especially today, when the fashion market is open for all different types of models, as well as different age groups.

Personally, I belong to the type of model generally known as ‘’Pocket Venus’’ which describes charismatic models, a little shorter in relation to the usual fashion standards, as well as models who captivate people wherever they appear, and amaze everyone with their unique characteristics. I can also thank my good genes, as well as my natural looks.

As some of my individual characteristics I would point out my chameleon eyes which are usually green. However, they change color and tend to get blue or grey. Low percentage of people in the world possess such a changing eye color and we associate them with mystical. When it comes to this business, I myself had a lot of easier and harder times. I can thank my resilience, perfectionism, bravery to try and fail and try again, as well as my firm beliefs and moral boundaries which I am not willing to compromise. Also, I can thank all the people who have employed me for their projects and in that way pushed me forward. Those are respected professors from Faculty of Textil Technology in Zagreb, Nina Režek Willson which was one of four most important person for fashion in Croatia, world known designers, hair-dressers, make-up artists, etc. Also, there were always people who tried to sabotage us, like some commercial photographers who try to slow down and disrupt the work of models by violating all kinds of human rights. Of course, there are exceptions, meaning people who did their jobs honorably.

When did you start with modelling? And who would you like to thank for your?

First of all, I would like distinguish between fashion competitions, in other words Miss, with modelling. My first experience in fashion world was when I participated in the competition in Borovo, where I should have won according to accomplished points. Afterwhich, I’ve done fashion shows in my town, in region, capital town, state, and membership in agencies in the USA – New York, Italy, Ireland – Dublin, Serbia, and of course Croatia. I did hundreds of shows for national and international designers, among which I would like to mention A. Figlio, H. Ludgate, A. Kujundžić, I. Galaš, , N. Smogor, Z. Mrvoš, J. Aleksić, T. Brekalo, M. Miletić, etc. I purposefully started from the bottom, however, when I noticed that there are no differences when it comes to rules, between those on top and those on bottom, I decided to leave state market. I invested a fee in the amount of almost nine years state minimum salaries, big part of this is to help onother models and push myself. It turned out that this business is sometimes ungrateful, at least in Croatia. It also turned out that models from first league simply don’t get enough care and and protection. I worked as a background actor, I starred in commercials, music videos, campaigns, my face was on the cover of a magazine and editorials.

I was led mine career as a freelancer carefully, cooperating with over 15 agencies both nationally and internationally. In 2007. I was a member of a New York agency ‘’One Source Talent’’, and in 2013-2015 she stood out, among other 30 girls, and was featured on pages of ‘’Midikenn’’ model agency, which was advertised in worldwide platform base, the most popular in Balkan with 75 million residents.

I also starred in a Hollywood movie ‘’Unbound Evil’’. After turning down offers for three Hollywood movies, main roles with famous Hollywood actors, becouse I’m not accept role becouse of national reasons to be “bad side” girl and clothes limits in one short scene in each.

I agreed to be a secondary role in above mentioned movie, because it didn’t oppose any of the boundaries that I set for myself. And I am so happy because of this!

You have an important career as an international model, ambassador and beauty Queen. May you tell us which titles you have? 

I have six sashes and four crowns. Also I have a plenty of another many offers at the moment.

My titule is: 1) Miss Europe Continental in the World Croatia 2019.; 2) Miss Economic World Serbia 2020.; 3) Miss Economic World – Third Runner Up 2020.; 4) Miss Glamour Look Ireland 2021. (current queen). 5) Ambassador of Superstar Art Foundation (since; 2020.year – 2022.); 6) Ambassador of Miss Economic World (since; 2020 year – 2022.).

You are well known as a model with many talent, also. Ever since you were a child you have been a versatile per. As far as we can say, you are talented in both sports and intellectual subjects. Can you tell us something about this?

Thank you. When I was only 10, I became the most popular kid in school because I was considered the best mathematician, and according to professor Ninić I was the best in the history of our school, which dates back 100 years. I still hold this record today. However, they never sent me to any other competitions aside from math, even though I was a excellent student. Aside from this, I wa the best in all of the sports activities my professors tested me, be it basketball, running, handball, weightlifting, table tennis, football, brekouts, etc. Very often, me alone had resoults more than both team together. I also started learning martial arts, simply because I wanted to challenge myself into doing something that was my weakest point at the time, plus I wished to do something that required dedication and work, not something that could be done quickly. One time, I managed to break the women’s world record in crunches, simply by exercising at club and at home for 7 days, and wasn’t tired at all. I truly believe that my strength and talent have no limit. Aside from math, my favorite subject was arts.

I was drawing with eight so much on hotel napkins. After school, I finished a one-year drawing course at ‘’ Waldinger Assotiation”, and I stood out from the rest of the students. Ever since I was a young girl, I was interested in a lot of different things, I liked to know everything, and when it came to something that interested me the most, I was the best. I think this is an amazing trait to have, and as long as you go your own way, no one can stop you. In my life, and especially when I was a student, or just sesonal worker during studing I’ve done over 80 different jobs, and I believe that this is something that made me resourceful and complete person I am today. Im independent from my 17 year. I did a lot of different types of jobs, from physical jobs to being a director. I have accomplished amazing results in dozens of them and have worked on some of the most best and popular places, like Rockfeller center, where I have started from jobs in marketing and climbed up to working as the best national Directors which was bring Four candidates in top five, including winner, and choosen to be directors also between 54 contestans. But we wasn’t look on the vision of organization on same way, and I was working on one year contact only, and that was mine decision.

What are some of the traits that make you different from other models? Some of which you are most proud? 

Aside from being one of the most wanted types of models in the world, chameleon, which can transform in all shapes, and having chameleon eyes, I am extremely proud on the fact that I stand behind my own success.

My wish is to promote myself and be successful because of my work, not my private life or other people, even if it may be someone really close to me, as a for example, boyfriend or husband. Aside from being a model, I was also my own manager and security guard. Which is extremely hard, especially since there are a lot of spams in this business. Being shorter than 95% of models in our country, I was supposed to be in most of the fashion shows.  Just like in sports, I pushed through and broke the ice, this is one of my strongest sides. Everything I did, I did by myself, and I never had any moral support, even from my closest friends. So, I truly did form into a strong individual. Most of the times, people are strong when they are together in teams, but not when they are on their own Also I was push myself from my pocket, never from sponsor’s company, becouse of freedom.

And last but not least, what I am most proud of is the fact that in my 20 years of modeling, I’ve never accepted to pose without my clothes on or in my underwear, or topless. I never accepted any movie roles that were of that nature either. There is no price for which I would ever do something like that.


And I will always respect models who are like me when it comes to that. There are a lot of models who have low values and would do anything for fame, and because of them, people have a lot of prejudice towards moral and hardworking models. However, with my own example I showed others that not all models are the same. I was a virgin until I was 28 which is my power, and I was with Duje Poštenjak, and my morality will always be what I am most proud of. Modelling is a beautiful job, if you are smart, if you know what you are doing and which way you want to go.

Thank you for your attention very much, and I am looking forward to our continued partnership.