The fourth edition of Golden Star Kids International 2022, the dream competition in modeling and talents in Antalia, Turkey

World race of modeling and talents Golden Star Kids International, which will be developed in Antalya, Turkey has open the registration for competitors this year. The success of this world event actually in the fourth edition is the guaranty of the success for children and teenagers from every corner of the world, who like the scene and want to be its part.

Albana Cakshiri, the president of this gigantic organization, declares exclusively for our media that every year together with the success brings different artistic trainings of this competition.

“GSKI is the confrontation of children and teenagers from different countries of the world on an international stage to bring together the cultures, races, heritage, but also the traditions of the countries they come from. Art and culture unite nations, while this year’s theme, which will be the axis of this competition, is “Children for Peace”.

Golden Star Kids International is going to take place from October 29 to November 03, in the capital of the world tourism in Antalya, Turkey, like every year. In the competition, contestants who love modeling are brought together, but once we pay special attention to talents such as singers, dancers, instrumentalists, performers, dance groups, etc. Golden Star Kids International is one of the most important competitions in the world for children. Our aim is not only the selection of beauty ambassadors from each corner of the world but intends through art to make the world beautiful with talented children. Golden Star Kids International gives to all contestants equal opportunity to participate regardless of color, race or ethnic origin.

The productions have objective to create atmosphere of friendship and kindness, to help them understand each other, to promote self-improvement and self-statement of those young artist, models and talents. That’s why each participant should have high spiritual culture, rich internal world, must be diplomatic and a good example for other participants. All participants of the Competitions of Art, Modeling and Talent are of course talented, smart, ingenuous girls and boys from different countries.

Golden Star Kids International is fourth edition, aiming that this year to include more participates from all over the continent, to give to this event greatness.
The children from all the world, as worthy representative of all the states from where they will be coming, together with talent, charm and emotion of the national dress, will donate final impressive, which will arrive the peak at the final spectacle “CHILDREN
FOR PEACE” under this philosophy, will come this year Golden Star Kids International, as one of the best special memory for all participants.