AMSTERDAM – Diversity Fashion Week Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM – Diversity Fashion Week Amsterdam; 3 days of breathtaking High Fashion by international and national designers in and around Amsterdam. With a guest appearance of Marjorie Lammerts, designs by Fares Moses, Aidarkhan Kaliyev, speakers such as Giancarlo Pazzanese, Kelly Sue and a photo exhibition by Marzenka Kwintera, Zuzu Valla and Agnieska Maliszewska. With a main focus to diversity in the current fashion and media image and stimulating equal inclusion.

DIVERSITY FASHION WEEK FOUNDATION is committed to an inclusive (fashion) world and will take place on 28-29-30 October 2022. Fashion (media) has the greatest influence on how we view ourselves and others. The Diversity Fashion Week foundation is committed to (young) creatives, designers and models of various origins, different body types, and models with a disability. This year the third edition with the theme “Winter Wonder Land” will take place at various locations in and around Amsterdam.

Unknown makes unloved and that is why it is so important to show as many types of people as possible in fashion and media and especially equal. WITHOUT a stamp that upholds stigmas, but as human beings in their own strength. In this way we can break with stigmatization and prejudice. Clothing is an extension of your identity. If you cannot communicate who you are because the current clothing on the market is not accessible to everyone, such as “skin” colored clothing, then you quickly think of soft pink, but there are many more skin types. And what if you are dependent on a wheelchair? Pants such as we see in the shops especially now are made for the standing position. And so there are plenty of examples that, something as essential as clothing, nevertheless excludes people on a daily basis.

During this 3-day event, Diversity Fashion Week will highlight these topics. Fashionable and inspiring through Diversity on stage (Representation), because the fashion runway will showcase innovative designs by international fashion designers and Young Creatives who design with Inclusion by Design in mind. In addition, there are several speakers and exhibitions on the program that will share the importance of diversity and inclusion, equality, sexuality and gender expression.

Tickets are available via tickets-29-30-october-winter-wonderland-edition. Check out the full program and designer appearances on or follow us on Instagram

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