Anniversary of the 20th Serbia Fashion Week

At the anniversary of the 20th Serbia Fashion Week,

new chapter in the history of Serbian fashion begins

Continuing the tradition of combining fashion and art, which it has successfully built over the past 10 years, the fall Serbia Fashion Week will begin with a grand opening on September 26 in the unique space of Gallery of “Matica srpska” and will last until October 30. The program of the anniversary 20th Serbia Fashion Week, the only licensed fashion week in Serbia, brings together fashion shows by domestic and foreign designers, art exhibitions, seminars and lectures by eminent world experts in the fields of fashion, marketing and media.  The honor of opening the event, which this time marks a significant anniversary, went to designer Jelena Malešević, who will present her new collection to the local audience at the opening ceremony in the  Gallery of “Matica Srpska”. In addition to this artist whose creativity always leaves you breathless, new collections at the Museum of Vojvodina will be presented by Lacher, Mokos Fashion, Emerik François, Station, Asja Jelena Mladenović, Jovana Jerkic, Mirna Nadj, Alekander Bratsher…

Given that SFV is part of the official program of the European Capital of Culture – Novi Sad 2020, a significant part of the anniversary edition is dedicated to exhibitions and seminars, among which is a selection of works by the finalists of the National Fashion Talent Competition and finalists of the European Fashion Talent Competition, exhibition of works by authors in the field of applied art and design, Fashion and Mataverse seminars, where will speak Professor Marcellous L. Jones, president of the European Consortium For Emerging Fashion and prof. Panthéon-Sorbonne University, . At one of the seminars, a guest from America, producer and innovator Rocco Leo Gaglioti, will share his rich knowledge with the participants. At one of the seminars, the lecturer will be film and TV producer, founder and director of the Sarajevo, Croatia and United Kingdom Fashion Film Festival Željko Ivanković. The audience will have the opportunity to watch a selection of award-winning films at the aforementioned festivals.

The anniversary 20th edition of Serbia Fashion Week also represents a turning point after which this manifestation begins to write a new chapter of Serbian fashion, because from next year SFW will be organized in the French capital, as part of the official program of Paris Fashion Week, as well as in Novi Sad, where a decade ago this manifestation emerged and over time grew into the most important fashion event in Southeast Europe and one of the five most important fashion weeks in the world.