Sustainability in Motion: An Interview with TSX Design House

TSX Design House has the most interesting and unique story. We sat down with Ebony Adell, the mastermind behind the brand, to find out more about the story behind TSX Design House.

Q: Tell us about your brand. What is the story behind your brand?

A: I come from a very creative and successful family grounded in entrepreneurism. My dad is a veteran, self-taught artist that can dibble and dabble in all genres; painting, drawing, carpentry, sculpture, music, dance and anything else you can think of. My mom is a self-taught artist (she can draw and paint), interior designer and writer; and was the first black female Assistant Director of the DPW of Milwaukee County.

The list goes on, my cousin is an opera singer, my other cousin an actor and my grandparents on my mom’s side were both entrepreneurs. My great grandfather was a slave turned sharecropper, my gret grandmother was 100% Native American Mississippi Choctaw Nation(a farmer), my grandfather was a veteran, owned a successful security company, and my grandmother owned a bar and was the first person of color in the United States to be a member of the Schlitz Malt Liqour Stein Club.

My sustainable luxury brand TSX Design House was established in 2002. I had been working online as a chat host teaching tantra and yoga. One of my clients was struggling and asked me to create a visualization of what a chakra is. This was my first official painting of perfectly balanced chakras. That picture not only put it into a form they could see and touch, it put them into perspective for me. From that I decided to make t-shirts for clients that depicted their strongest chakras, then I took it all the way and said why not a full wardrobe, why not a whole brand centered around chakras. So I decided to take all my money and go to college and get the degree. Once that came to fruition I started to build my business and technical knowledge base; sustainability became the niche and cohesive value that tied it all together.

Promoting wellness and a sustainable consciousness is my purpose. It’s my role as a new age revolutionary; I combat socio-environmental oppression.

Q: What do you like most about being a designer? What are some of your favorite achievements?

A: I can make whatever I want and have an impact. I love creating for a purpose and communicating high vibrations through my art. Fashion is art in 3d in my world so when I say that I’m also talking about my collections.

My number 1 achievement is being a role model and showing my own children that catching your dream and not just chasing it; is possible. I have been through so much throughout my life that I was worried for a minute but to supersede all of those things and for the kids to bear witness is priceless.

Perseverance. My fashion week showcases (London, IDFW, LAFW so far) and having my wearable art hang in galleries all over the world (La Biennale De Venezia, Swiss Art Expo, La Palma de Mallorca Del Arte, and Miami Art Basel) are my other top 2 achievements at this point. I had been rejected locally for art shows, interviews, and fashion shows in Milwaukee for so long and really in the US overall that I was on the verge of giving up. Nobody was listening when I was talking about a luxury brand, sustainability, chakras, meditation, manifestation, or any of that stuff. I’ve always been different.

So I don’t really fit in a box or fit a specific aesthetic. I had to really immerse myself in prayer, yoga, meditation and writing to find myself and just kind of continue to build on the brand to make the foundation more solid, cohesive and communicable. Master it as much as possible. Once I began to set those intentions, and manifest the vibrational reality I truly deserved; then boom it just started taking off. When Covid hit, then I had some medical issues, I thought it was over but the ball never stopped rolling.

Q: Tell us about your new collection. What inspired this collection?

A: During my college years at Mount Mary University, I studied the power of semiotics, women philosophers and the revolution for freedom of the black conscious. While researching a project I learned that Harriet Tubman was a yogi, and it was very an aha moment; life-affirming actually. And a recreation of the Underground Railroad Quilt came to town, and I had to go see it in person. Once I did it just stuck with me, and I became obsessed with the pure genius of it and the story behind it.

So, this collection is inspired by The Underground Railroad Freedom Quilt Blocks. Because reading was against the law for the slaves, our ancestors created a coded language to communicate the coordinates and directions to navigate from the deep south to the free states. They would hang these quilts with the symbols in strategic places on plantations and along the underground railroad to tell the runaways when it was time to pack up their stuff, what tools to bring, which way to go(constellations and stars, when to follow the migrating birds north, whether or not an area was a safe place, where to cross over to throw the dogs and patrollers off their trail when to wear a disguise and where the safehouses were located etc.

Combined with the chakras and in the order of the first 7 tethered to your body the pattern represents the freedom of consciousness and access to a higher consciousness that activation of the 3rd eye brings. Also, by implementing sustainable principles into your life through active engagement like: yoga, meditation and wearing sustainable clothes.

The feather detailing and the bridal dress represent the 22nd chakra in the 5th dimension where we find Angelic energy. Getting closer to God. The groom’s outfit represents the Universal Father or Monad Energy, the most masculine representation of the chakras. Through marriage we become something outside of ourselves and a part of a much larger reality. Ascension begins here, with him and he elevates to once they connect.

The final dress is a painting of the metaphysical universe as I see it when I meditate and when you turn off the lights the freedom quilt glows in the dark. So, it’s a painting within a painting with a secret coded message.

Q: On October 5th, 2022, your video of your new collection premiered on IDFW. What do you hope viewers take away from watching your video?


A: Three things:

1.     I hope they take action, take the first step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.

2.      I want people to feel balanced, start to tap into and nurture their higher consciousness

3.     I want them to engage with the brand and buy the clothes


Q: What is your favorite part about participating in IDFW?

A: It’s a milestone for me. I still can’t believe TSX Design House is in the same showcase as some of the biggest legacy brands in the world. Brands that I studied in college; that I strived to acquire just one item. It affirms my dream, validates all those long days and nights, and makes all the tears I cried along the way worth it.

Also, I’ve never shot a fashion film or anything that told a story like this, it’s the first official project for my production company “Godhead Productions.” I’ve never gone through the process of producing, casting, styling, editing and doing the score for anything on this level. I’m grateful for the learning curve and experience. It’s real, have a luxury brand.


Q: Where can our readers find more information about your brand and see more of your work?


Online Stores:


IG: @tsx_design_house

TikTok: @tsxdesignhouse

Facebook: @GodWorldGrind

For more information or schedule a custom consultation for a Holistic Makeover feel free to email me at [email protected]