The Need to Know Denim Brand: Tutantú

By offering the most unique pants for every wardrobe, Tutantú by Sara Velez designs the perfect pieces to add a dash of flare to any outfit. Offering bold designs featuring the most dashing patterns, Tutantú is the brand to count on for your denim needs. So naturally, everyone wants to know how Tutantú came to be and what inspires Sara Velez to create such an amazing brand. Well, look no further, because we sat down with Sara Velez to discuss the story behind Tutantú.

Q: Tell us about your brand. What is the story behind your brand?

A: Since I was little I have been passionate about fashion, and I have always created my own clothes. One day I decided to paint some white pants with Sharpie in abstract faces. Proud of the pants I made, I wore them to the most prestigious event in Manizales, Colombia. Suddenly my outfit became the star of the show. For the first time, people were admiring my outfit. I decided to create 15 exact replicas of those pants, only embroidered. I thought only my friends would buy those pants, however, that was not the case. Those pants sold out in one day. I then decided to make 30 more and sold them in a week. Experiencing the potential of my product I decided to launch my first collection, called Traces. That’s when Tutantú was born.

We are the representation of what is different united with the avant-garde. We are unstoppable creators of unique and exclusive pieces capable of generating new trends. We are faithful thinkers of change; we like to be disruptive and unequal. Drawing attention is our greatest talent, and we achieve this by inspiring all those around us.

Q: What do you like most about being a designer? What are some of your favorite achievements?

A: What I like most about being a designer is that I can express myself and share my art with other people. It’s what I’ve been passionate about since I was a kid and I feel very happy that people like what I do and identify themselves with Tutantú.

Q: Tell us about your new collection. What inspired this collection?

A: What inspired me when designing this collection is to make women feel proud of themselves. We want women from all over the world to identify with this collection and, by wearing Tutantú pants, the only thing they need to look beautiful is be themselves.

Q: On October 5th, 2022, your video of your new collection premiered on International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW). What do you hope viewers take away from watching your video?

A: We expect viewers to see a unique brand of pants linked to the forefront of fashion. Our greatest goal is to inspire others to believe in themselves, through a lifestyle full of magic, creativity and, above all, authenticity. We want our viewers to be unique and to follow their personality, not what’s trending.

Q: What is your favorite part about participating in IDFW?

A: My favorite part of participating in IDWF is the brand exposure Tutantú got.  Many people around the world were able to get to know the brand. Also, we expect them to identify themselves with the artwork on our pants.

Q: Where can our readers find more information about your brand and see more of your work?

A: You can find us at:

Instagram: @tu.tan.tu

Web page:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +57 3148141926