MTTC: The Couture Brand To Watch

Sustainability is the future of luxury fashion, and MTTC represents that future. Creating superb, handmade garments, MTTC offers the most unique and carefully crafted designs. Using sustainable fabrics, minimal waste techniques, and reversible features, MTTC is the brand to go to for sustainable fashions. Our team sat down with Mariya and Tamila, the designers behind the brand, to get an inside look into the magic behind MTTC Australia. 

Q: Tell us about your brand. What is the story behind your brand? 

A: We are MTTC, Mariya Tamila Tkachenko Couture, a mother-daughter duo designer brand aiming to bring sustainability to luxury couture garments. When launching our brand together, we found that we had a common goal of creating ethical fashion that is unique and strays away from fast fashion trends, and to this day that is something that we work towards with every collection. All of our pieces are designed and handmade by our team in our Sydney studio using minimal waste techniques. We take care to carefully source all of our fabrics ourselves and often use rare vintage and sometimes antique materials in our designs. We never mass produce our collections, every MTTC piece one of a kind.

Q: What do you like most about being a designer? What are some of your favorite achievements? 

A: One of our favorite things about being designers is being able to transform materials into something beautiful and then seeing those designs worn and watching how they can spark confidence in their wearer. It is quite magical, almost like being fairy godmothers, one moment it is just a collection of materials, the next it is an outfit on a beautiful person moving down the runway! We also love seeing the joy that our designs can bring to our clients when we create something that is comfortable, that accentuates their features and helps them be themselves. Some of our favorite achievements include being featured in British Vogue and Tatler as well as other publications. We were also proud to have been showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week and most recently it has been an honor and a privilege to have been included in this season of International Digital Fashion Week.

Q: Tell us about your new collection. What inspired this collection? 

A: This collection, ‘Floraison’, means to bloom and it is about fresh starts and new opportunities. It is inspired by the bloom of the spring season, when everything is at its finest and most vibrant. In our collection you will see shimmering fabrics, flowing silhouettes and soft textures.

Q: On October 5th, 2022, your video of your new collection premiered on IDFW. What do you hope viewers take away from watching your video? 

A: We hope that viewers can see that luxurious couture garments can be comfortable whilst remaining stylish and timeless. Many of our pieces this season, as with other MTTC collections, are made to transform so there are reversible pieces and garments that can be worn in more than one way as we want viewers to see that fashion should stand the test of time. Your MTTC piece is an investment that you can wear and re-wear.

Q: What is your favorite part about participating in IDFW? 

A: We absolutely love the IDFW team and the community. It has been such a pleasure working with IDFW, the support that the whole team has offered has been amazing. From the very beginning, in the lead up to the event and after the launch IDFW has gone above and beyond to promote our collection and our brand. We also love the platform, and it is amazing seeing MTTC showcased globally as part of this prestigious event alongside some of the world’s best designers.

Q: Where can our readers find more information about your brand and see more of your work? 

A: For more information, readers can always check out our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @mttcaustralia or if they have any questions or queries or would like to request a custom item they can reach us via our email [email protected]