World Famous Celebrity Designer Tadashi Shoji: The Inside Scoop

Tadashi Shoji is the go-to designer for many famous women from around the world. Michelle Obama, Olivia Spencer, and so many more are all fans of Tadashi Shoji because of one simple fact; his designs make women look and feel absolutely beautiful. Offered at an accessible price range and available through many outlets, Tadashi Shoji is the perfect brand for all women looking for that perfect outfit for their special occasions. 

Of course, we couldn’t go without interviewing the mastermind behind the brand, Tadashi Shoji! So we sat down with Tadashi for an exclusive interview to get a behind-the-scenes look at his name-sake brand.

Q: Women all around the world adore your brand; you provide the most beautiful designs that make women look and feel gorgeous. What inspired you to build your brand?

Tadashi:  At that time the special occasion’s category lacked beautiful options that were affordable, comfortable, and provided great fit for women in different shapes and sizes.  The lack of options inspired me to fill that void.

Q: You’ve had many brilliant achievements in your career. You’ve gotten to dress Michelle Obama, Octavia Spencer, Paris Jackson, and so many more famous women from all different spheres. What stands out to you as your favorite moment in your career?

Tadashi: There was a moment backstage at the 2012 Oscars right after Octavia Spencer just won for best supporting actress.  She was emotional and thanked me on camera for making her feel so beautiful in a hand beaded custom gown.  That was a stand-out moment because she could have thanked anyone in the world, but she thought of me.

Q: Where do you see your brand going next? Are there any exciting projects coming up that you can discuss with us?

Tadashi: I see the brand continuing to make beautiful dresses that connect with the everyday woman.  With so much new technology, it’s exciting to see new ways of connecting with our consumers.  Something we are working on is new digital ways of providing accurate fit for our consumers shopping online.

Q: We recently saw your Spring/Summer 2023 collection on International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW), and everything about your collection is absolutely breath-taking. Everything from the fabric choices, the beautiful colors, and drapery is just perfect. What inspired this collection?

Tadashi: Looking out into the world and reading news of sadness and anger everywhere, I wanted to send out a message of peace and hope.  I wanted the softness in fabrics to be as graceful as a dove flying across the sky.  And to fill the collection with bright uplifting colors that spark happiness.

Q: Do you have a favorite moment from when you were creating your Spring/Summer 2023 collection?

Tadashi: One of my favorite moments from this season was thinking of a new way to present the collection.  I came across a Japanese band’s music video on YouTube.  I was inspired by the digital effects of having the subject appear and disappear in the background.  I incorporated my own version of this idea in the video presentation.  This made the video different from a normal fashion show with models walking down a straight runway.  And being able to film up close to the gives a great view of all the intricate details on each dress.

Q: Your brand was founded in 1982 and 40 years later your brand is still going strong and keeping things fresh. What is your secret? How do you keep everything fresh season after season?

Tadashi: The fashion industry is constantly changing and evolving.  In order to survive and stay relevant you must be one step ahead. For example, when I first launched my business I had to get creative with cost effective designs that were different from other brands already out there.  In order to keep others from knocking off our best sellers, I opened a studio in Shanghai to avoid using agents who work between other brands and manufacturers.  Another example is our decision to close some of our retail stores and focus on ecommerce right before the spread of Covid-19. This was a time where nobody was shopping in retails stores and was shopping online from their own homes.  If it weren’t for this decision the business would not have survived the global pandemic.

Q: More than 700 department stores carry Tadashi Shoji, and you even have your own boutiques—both online and in-person. Where do you see your brand going in the future? Do you have a favorite location where you connect with your consumers?

Tadashi: The future is ecommerce.  Everyone is thinking of new ways to enhance the virtual experience of online shopping.  One thing I want to focus on is finding digital ways of providing perfect fit through ecommerce.  Ecom is my favorite way to connect with my consumer because it reaches so many different people from so many different places instantly.

Q: Where should our readers be following you to see the latest updates on your work?

Tadashi: Keep an eye on our ecom site  In addition to International Digital Fashion Week, we also launch new collections on our site.  And as restrictions start easing up, social calendars start filling up.  Our ecom site is constantly offering new products for every occasion.