The modern world is huge, but small. The realities of our life are such that the existence of a person outside of culture is practically unthinkable, just as the isolation of a single culture is unthinkable. Today, in the era of opportunities, information and tremendous speeds, the topic of interpenetration and dialogue of cultures is more relevant than ever.

The entire history of mankind is a dialogue of cultures that permeates our entire life. It is in its reality a condition of mutual understanding of people. The interaction of cultures, their dialogue is the most favorable basis for the development of interethnic, interethnic relations. This is such an interaction between the bearers of different values, in which some values become the property of representatives of another culture. Thanks to the dialogue of cultures, there is an interpenetration of the cultures themselves, a spiritual rapprochement of large cultural regions.

The process of interaction of cultures is rather complicated. First of all, it is the spirit of the people, it is the discovery and understanding of the values of other cultures, the way of appropriating the latter, the possibility of relieving political tension between states and ethnic groups.

“Interaction of Cultures”, following this idea, at the beginning of 2017, the world famous fashion designer, Aidarkhan Kaliev, created the project “ASPARA FASHION WEEK”, with the support of the Department of Culture of Archives and Documents of the Zhambyl region, the Department of Tourism of the Zhambyl region, the Akimat of the city of Taraz, in the southern region of Kazakhstan, the International Fashion Week is held and continues to be held (the X season was held in 2022) with the involvement of well-known clothing designers from Central Asia and European countries.

“Dialogue of Cultures”, the motto of the X season of “ASPARA FASHION WEEK”, which took place in October 2022. Each season of “ASPARA FASHION WEEK” is the formation of the Great Silk Road, the interaction of fashion and culture of different countries, peoples and continents.

The tenth season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK is the development of an understanding that one’s own ethno-cultural coexistence is impossible without a respectful and careful attitude to the values of other peoples.

Each culture lives only in the embodiment of another culture, great phenomena in culture are born only in the dialogue of different cultures, only at the point of their intersection. The ability of one culture to master the achievements of another is one of the sources of its vital activity. “An alien culture reveals itself more fully and deeper only in the eyes of another culture. One meaning reveals its depths, meeting and touching another, alien meaning. When two cultures meet, they do not merge or mix, but they are mutually enriched.” This was the main reason for choosing the motto for the international project of the X season “ASPARA FASHION WEEK”.

And, of course, do not forget that one of the main tasks of the X season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK is to demonstrate and promote the design work of talented young people, as well as improve the quality of products in the fashion industry.

The tenth season of “ASPARA FASHION WEEK”, with dignity and patriotism, continues the revival of the national culture of ancient Taraz.

Modern Taraz has acquired new outlines, new architectural structures, but it has retained the mystery of the spiritual culture and civilizations of the distant past.


Taraz is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan, we should not forget about it. He is credited with superiority in many ways: the first metropolis, the first mosque, the first madrasah, and so on, one can list endlessly. This is one of the cities of Kazakhstan where the official programs of international fashion weeks are held, thanks to which the centuries-old traditions of various arts of the Kazakh people are being revived, the fashion industry of Kazakhstan is also developing, cooperation is being strengthened at the international level in the fashion industry.

A grand event in the fall of 2022 is the International Exhibition of artisans “Taraz – the city of artisans”, which was held as part of the ASPARAFASHIONWEEK fashion week.

The city of Taraz is included by the 56th city in the list of World cities of artisans, and this is an opportunity to expand international exchange of experience, create a common platform for the work of artisans from all over the world, and actively cooperate with other cities represented in the global network of artisan cities.

The program of the International exhibition of artisans “Taraz – the city of artisans” was informative. In a solemn atmosphere, a memorandum of cooperation was signed, and a meeting was also held with the akim of the Zhambyl region. The International Exhibition of Craftsmen was visited by special guests – the Expert Commission of the World Council of Crafts, represented by the President, Vice President and expert.

At the souvenir fair, the works of artisans from the Zhambyl region, artisans from near and far abroad: Brazil, the Netherlands, India, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Tatarstan, delighted and delighted residents and guests of the city with their individuality and uniqueness. In total, over 200 artisans took part in the International Exhibition.

Popularization of folk crafts, their recognition, including in the international partnership environment, contributes to active participation in regional and international exposition and exhibition projects and exhibitions, holding folk holidays, forums, conferences and much more.

During all four days the guests enjoyed the concert program, theatrical performances, information tours around the city of Taraz.