Miami Upcoming model-Alice from Ukraine

Alice Zolotarova is a young model who has recently moved from Ukraine to Miami. At the tender age of just 14, she is already making waves in the modeling industry and is showing great promise for the future. Alice has a natural talent for modeling, and her beauty, poise, and confidence have caught the attention of many in the fashion world.

Alice started her modeling career in Ukraine, where she attended the Chameleon Models modeling school. It was here that she learned the skills and techniques that would help her to succeed in the competitive world of modeling. Her teachers Angela Andreyevska and Katrin Synenka coaches at Chameleon Models recognized her potential early on, and encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

When Alice moved to Miami with her family, she was fortunate to discover that the director Angela Andreyevska of the modeling agency and school she had attended in Ukraine also lived in the Miami area. This was a stroke of luck for Alice, as it allowed her to continue her training and development as a model, and to make valuable connections in the Miami fashion industry.

Alice’s big break in Miami came when she was introduced to the talented new photographer, Lester Sandoval. Lester saw something special in Alice, and he was eager to work with her to create some stunning images. Together, they collaborated on a photo shoot that lasted for two hours, and the results were simply amazing.

Stylist for the shoot were Svitlana Zolotarova as she works in a beauty industry more than 20 years.


Director of the photo shoot – @andreyevskaya Angela Andreyevskaya

Photographer – @Ls_photoworkz Lester Sandoval

Model – @chameleon_models Alice Zolotarova

Style –