Miss Tourism Universal 2023: A Celebration of Beauty and Culture in Sri Lanka

The Miss Tourism Universal 2023 beauty pageant is set to launch in Sri Lanka, showcasing the country’s rich beauty and culture to the world. This prestigious event is made possible through the collaboration of Founder & CEO Thilini De Silva and the famous King of Catwalk, Sinon Loresca.

In a recent photo shoot, Thilini De Silva and Sinon Loresca captured the essence of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty with a stunning Sri Lankan cultural dress. The photoshoot has gained international attention and brought awareness to Sri Lanka’s unique beauty.

Aspiring beauty queens and national directors from around the world are invited to participate in the Miss Tourism Universal 2023 pageant. The event is a chance to showcase their talents and represent their country on a global stage.

In addition to promoting beauty, the event is also aimed at promoting tourism in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has joined hands with the organizers to make this event a success and to boost Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

The pageant is not only about beauty, but also about celebrating diversity and promoting cultural exchange through pageants. It is a platform for contestants to share their unique cultures and traditions with the world.

Miss Tourism Universal 2023 is not just a pageant, but a celebration of beauty and culture in Sri Lanka. Let’s work together to make this event a resounding success and promote tourism through beauty!

The event is sponsored by several organizations, providing opportunities for businesses to showcase their brands to a global audience. Join us in celebrating elegance and excellence at Miss Tourism Universal 2023.



Date: 3rd June to 13th June 2023

Location: Sri Lanka

For more information, please visit www.misstourismuniversal.com