Monique Bartnik a German actress plays alongside Hollywood star Eric Roberts 

The young actress Monique Bartnik from Germany shoots one film after the other. Most recently she collaborated with Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts on the new horror film ‘Wrongful Death’. The horror film by Croatian film director Vjekoslav Katusin will be released this year.

Here, Monique Bartnik plays a senator’s assistant, portrayed by Eric Roberts. Also involved on the set is US actor Michael Paré. In late summer, „Wrongful Deathwill premiere in Munich, Germany, and will then be shown in Serbian, Bosnian and Slovenian cinemas from Halloween.

Bartnik studied acting in Cologne. She had several appearances on German television before she was able to gain a foothold in the film industry. Her first feature film was in Levizia. In addition, she made news for „Taff and „Punkt 12 on German television channels RTL and ProSieben.

Bartnik is also currently shooting a German-Turkish film „Hattat. Not much is known about this film. Also in production is the film „Someone Dies Tonight as well by director Vjekoslav Katusin, in which Monique Bartnik plays the role of Saskia.

In an interview with Perumira Magazine she said that there are people out there who had very bad starting conditions in life but still have achieved something.
„Wrongful death and other films currently in production is a springboard to the top for the actress from Germany.

We are curious to see what else we will hear from Monique.