“LASANG” Collection, Exotic Flora and Fauna of the Mystic Rainforest

“LASANG” Collection (“lasang” is derived from the Visayan language which literally means “the forest”) are Couture Masterpieces that are inspired from the Rare, Lush and Exotic Flora and Fauna of the Mystic Rainforest. An Explosion of Colors! Deliciously Luxurious, Unique and Opulent Masterpieces that are Artistically and Intricately Handcrafted to Perfection.

Philippine Tropical Rainforests, being the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth, and collectively nurturing roughly 60% of the world’s species inspired me to create this collection.

From hundreds of native fauna species that call the Philippines rainforest home, to the many native, rare and exotic plant species that make it up, these rainforests gave me ingenuity to create something that are not perceived in the fashion scene. Untouched, as what they call it, bringing this collection into being is like taking small steps outside of my comfort zone, allowing me to slowly acquaint myself with a new set of circumstances.

Each piece tells a story of how precious and supreme our nature is! The wield of colors, the intricate details, the perfect fabric, you will see how much time is devoted to finish a single piece – a masterpiece of its own!

May this collection be a manifestation for everyone to put the highest value to our natural resources, especially the “Lasang”.