Applause from the audience and diplomatic support highlighting Serbian creativity in Budapest Fashion Week

Thanks to the “Serbia Fashion Week,” designer Suzana Perić achieved another significant milestone in her career by presenting her collection “Glam Galaxy” at the “Budapest Fashion Week.”

This exceptional opportunity marks another step toward the international success of Serbian creativity. Some creations from Suzana Perić’s new “Glam Galaxy” collection had already captivated audiences at the “Serbia Fashion Week” in Novi Sad, the “Word Fashion Festival” in Chicago, and the “Athens Fashion Week.” However, the part of the collection unveiled for the first time in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, brought special excitement. The city now proudly bears the imprint of “Glam Galaxy” design, creating space for a new fashion experience that will leave an indelible mark.

Alongside Suzana Perić, the first lady of “Serbia Fashion Week,” Svetlana Horvat, graced the “Budapest Fashion Week” with her presence. Her support and attendance further emphasized the significance of this event. Thanks to partnership agreements with 34 fashion weeks worldwide, “Serbia Fashion Week” provides domestic designers with the opportunity to showcase their creativity and luxurious fashion globally. This time, it was Budapest, and the media representatives and fashion enthusiasts of Hungary greeted the uniqueness of the “Glam Galaxy” collection with applause.

A particularly prominent guest at this spectacular show was the Chargé d’Affaires of the Serbian Embassy in Hungary, Mr. Aleksandar Lončarević. His presence at this exceptional event not only symbolizes diplomatic support but also underscores how crucial this is for Serbian fashion and cultural scenes. It further affirms that the fashion industry can be a powerful tool for representing and promoting Serbia’s cultural identity worldwide.

Through such initiatives, “Serbia Fashion Week” becomes not only a platform for creativity but also an ambassador for fostering good relations and understanding among nations. “Serbia Fashion Week” continues to professionally, responsibly, and with high quality, represent the Serbian fashion industry worldwide. Therefore, we anticipate many more exciting moments and international successes in the future that will contribute to the recognition of Serbian fashion on every continent.


Photo: Zsolt Levai